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Beachway Therapy Center is a culturally sensitive addiction treatment center. The staff and management recognize that although addiction and alcoholism has an acceptable and general protocol for recovery, culture plays a significant role in how alcohol and substance abuse is viewed in the guest’s cultural community. Additionally, due to the fact that the agencies direct care workers are professionals that have recovered from addiction themselves and given the fact that the recovery community has it’s own norms, values and culture, cultural competence is essential and valued within the organization. This organizational value system, i.e. the idea that organizational values are developed from the common values of the organizational members (Shockley, 2009), is an evolving set of therapeutic standards from each of the team members independent professional code of ethics, the twelve-step recovery community, acceptable practices, and the Florida Division of Children and Family Services.

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Culture in Practice

Counselors work in an increasingly complex cultural milieu where every encounter with a client must be considered multicultural in nature” (Collins, 2010). Theorists have long pointed out the importance of self-awareness as foundational to competent practice (Collins, 2010). Nowhere is this more evident then in the field of addiction treatment. Beachway recognizes the importance of regular open communication, feedback and reflective practice in all therapeutic interventions.

The recognition that cultural norms for various ethnic groups is a regular topic for the agencies supervision, meetings and communications attempting to ensure that an individuals cultural background is not being mistaken for denial, non-compliance or vice versa incorrectly viewed as a cultural boundary when in fact it is mal-adaptation of the recovery process. These open communications and meetings align themselves with the agencies values and standards. The belief that recovery is possible for all individuals regardless of age, race or sexual orientation is enhanced via Beachway Therapy Center’s organizational values.

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Shockley, P., Zalabak, P., (2009), Fundamentals of Organizational Communication: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Skills, Values, (7th Ed.). Pearson Learning Solutions.

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