aetna rehab coverage imageThere’s no question that high-quality rehabilitation centers are the best place for anyone suffering from a substance abuse problem. It’s only under the care of qualified professionals that a person can get the help they need in a supportive setting. Much of the time, the issue has more to do with affording the treatment than with a person’s desire to get help. Many people contact Beachway to ask, “does Aetna cover drug rehab as part of my plan?” Yes, Aetna health insurance will cover either a portion of treatment or all of it if you meet certain criteria, which we’ll outline below.

Having Aetna addiction treatment coverage means that an individual can focus solely on getting the treatment they need without the stress of having to pay out of pocket. It’s no secret that drug and alcohol rehab is a complicated journey, and success depends on giving 100% of your energy to the process. The details of the amount paid by Aetna are highly dependent upon a range of factors.

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In many cases, the one barrier preventing individuals from seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction is not the person’s desire for or dedication to recovery; it’s being intimidated by the costs associated with entering rehab. Not being able to afford treatment is a serious impediment for many people, preventing those who need help from getting it.

For those with an Aetna health insurance plan, treatment costs may be covered entirely.  This means that most people who need help can focus their energy on recovery rather than worrying about being left with the full bill. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction takes time and energy, two things that may be hard to come by if money is a concern. For patients with out of network Aetna insurance plans, accessing help can be straightforward and easy.

The History of Aetna Health Insurance

Starting as a life insurance company in 1853, Aetna has been fully committed to providing viable insurance options for its clients for over 160 years. With core values that revolve around simplicity and transparency in the health industry, Aetna works to better the healthcare system by providing better health insurance options. They believe in listening to clients to provide compassionate and comprehensive care.

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