aetna rehab coverage imageThere’s no question that high-quality rehabilitation centers are the best place for anyone suffering from a substance abuse problem. It’s only under the care of qualified professionals that a person can get the help they need in a supportive setting. Much of the time, the issue has more to do with affording the treatment than with a person’s desire to get help. Many people contact Beachway to ask, “does Aetna cover drug rehab as part of my plan?” Yes, Aetna health insurance will cover either a portion of treatment or all of it if you meet certain criteria, which we’ll outline below.

Having Aetna addiction treatment coverage means that an individual can focus solely on getting the treatment they need without the stress of having to pay out of pocket. It’s no secret that drug and alcohol rehab is a complicated journey, and success depends on giving 100% of your energy to the process. The details of the amount paid by Aetna are highly dependent upon a range of factors.

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In many cases, the one barrier preventing individuals from seeking treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction is not the person’s desire for or dedication to recovery; it’s being intimidated by the costs associated with entering rehab. Not being able to afford treatment is a serious impediment for many people, preventing those who need help from getting it.

For those with an Aetna health insurance plan, treatment costs may be covered entirely.  This means that most people who need help can focus their energy on recovery rather than worrying about being left with the full bill. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction takes time and energy, two things that may be hard to come by if money is a concern. For patients with out of network Aetna insurance plans, accessing help can be straightforward and easy.

The History of Aetna Health Insurance

Starting as a life insurance company in 1853, Aetna has been fully committed to providing viable insurance options for its clients for over 160 years. With core values that revolve around simplicity and transparency in the health industry, Aetna works to better the healthcare system by providing better health insurance options. They believe in listening to clients to provide compassionate and comprehensive care.

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Help Is No Longer Difficult

Over the years, health practitioners and insurance companies have come to agree that drug or alcohol addiction is a complex and chronic disease. In the past, addiction support was limited, and the stigma attached to seeking help for addiction made it even more difficult for people to recover.

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Insurance Must Cover Rehab

We know that addiction is a disease treated in a Mental Health setting. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) provided that Insurance plans can’t impose lifetime dollar limits on mental health benefits that are less favorable than limits imposed on medical/surgical benefits. The Affordable Care Act has also made it harder for insurance companies to deny coverage in the event of a pre-existing condition such as substance addiction.

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Rehab Treatment Is Available

Covering drug or alcohol rehab under health insurance plans means that more people can seek help for substance issues. Increasing the awareness and options for rehab treatment will help more individuals deal with their addiction issues and reduce the stigma associated with addiction.

Does Aetna Cover Drug Rehab?

Simple & Complete Coverage

Aetna offers some of the most simplistic and complete drug or alcohol rehab coverage available. Members can benefit from 24-hour telephone access and easy approval processes, and data integration. Aetna can help members find a doctor quickly and discretely. Representatives are always ready to help with any needs, whether it’s a 12-step program, inpatient rehab, or outpatient services in their area.

No Pre-Certification

Aetna alcohol rehab coverage for outpatient services is often considered a mental health issue and, therefore, does not require pre-certification. A simple referral from your doctor is enough to qualify you for coverage in these cases.  Some Aetna members can take full advantage of a wide range of rehab facilities, including luxury facilities with more amenities.

Aetna is a Preferred Choice

Options such as this make Aetna the preferred choice for many Americans. Simplicity and care from an insurance provider mean that subscribers can focus on recovery from addiction rather than worrying about their bills or having to navigate billing questions and claim forms.

Tips to Determine Aetna Rehab Coverage

With Aetna rehab coverage, you can expect a friendly and knowledgeable service that is efficient and discrete. By asking questions, patients can fully understand their coverage and keep the process as transparent as possible. Working together, representatives can help find a doctor or rehab center right for their members.

While Aetna alcohol or drug rehab coverage is known for being simple, transparent, and easy to navigate, there are several points we can offer when determining insurance coverage for rehab.

  • Making sure you have your account number or member service number ready so that the representative can quickly verify you.
  • Writing down the name of the representative you are speaking to, this may come in handy if you ever need to reference past correspondence.
  • Find out what “levels of care” are available through your coverage. This refers to options such as outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and more.
  • Confirm what is covered in your policy. Some services to ask about include assessment and detoxification.
  • Ask for details about the deductible and co-pays.
  • Confirm the maximum expense that you could incur.
  • Find out what criteria the insurance company needs from you to make the process easier.

Going Forward and Verifying Rehab Coverage Details

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When an individual discovers that their Aetna plan covers rehab, the next step is verifying the details and precisely what services are covered. Several factors can determine the coverage available. Things such as length of treatment, type of treatment, employer contribution, deductibles, co-payments, and other factors are integral parts of the coverage available in specific cases.

There is no distinction between whether a patient is in need of drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment. Within every health insurance plan, details define what precise treatments and services are covered and which ones are not.

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Substance abuse is a chronic illness that requires treatment the same way a broken bone or any other type of disease requires treatment. A professional rehab center, such as Beachway, is the best way to treat addiction and move on with a sober and happy life. Aetna coverage can help take some of the stress away from recovery while allowing you to focus fully on yourself.

Contact a representative today and find policy specifics for Aetna rehab coverage. Our representatives can quickly verify your approval and get you started on the road to recovery.

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