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Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be among the most trying times in a person’s life. Trying to break free from chemical addiction is certainly a challenge, but many people don’t even get the chance to try professional treatment because they can’t afford the costs. If you have Assurant Health Insurance, you may be eligible for coverage, but the process can be quite complex.

Basically, Assurant Health provides health insurance products and services to individual health and small employer group health insurance. This coverage is underwritten and issued by different companies, namely John Alden Life Insurance Company, Union Security Insurance Company, and Time Insurance Company. They each offer a range of health insurance and non-insurance products, and sorting through the options to find what you need is often time-consuming. Continue reading to learn more about Assurant drug rehab coverage.

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More About Assurant Insurance & Rehab Coverage

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Assurant Health Insurance uses a different concept than most insurance providers, providing clients with an account similar to a savings account. Money that is in this account can be used for various medical expenses that include substance abuse rehabilitation. The money in this account can earn interest but is not taxable. The interest rates for this account are not listed. For substance abuse help, there is a confidential toll-free number given that connects to a nationwide network of substance abuse and mental health experts. Assurant Health plans are tied to calendar year maximums, and in many cases, coinsurance is needed to make it work.

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Verifying Assurant Insurance Rehab Coverage Details

Trying to sort through the details of your Assurant Health plan may seem overwhelming, especially when all you want to do is begin treatment and get the process started. There’s no debating the value of organized rehab in the overall treatment process, as detoxifying your body is crucial if you plan to rid yourself of addiction for the rest of your life. That detox process combined with world-class behavioral therapy is why Beachway has such a high success rate.

When you are ready to explore treatment, you’ll want to know if Assurant Health’s mental health and addiction coverage fully pays for rehab, and we can help verify the insurance approval process and help you figure out just how much coverage you have. There is nothing worse than entering treatment, completing it, and then finding out you were only covered for a minuscule portion. Admitting that you need help is the most important part; we can help you figure out the rest.

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