cobra-insurance-rehab-coverageIf you are entitled to elect COBRA coverage, you must be given an election period of at least 60 days (starting on the last date you have furnished the election notice or the date you would lose coverage) to choose whether or not to elect continuation coverage.

One of the most common roadblocks preventing individuals from receiving drug or alcohol addiction treatment is the cost. For many, paying the full amount of rehab is not an option; therefore, it’s a vital service they go without. Deciding to enter rehab should be a positive and exciting time, but for many Americans, the stress of having to cover the costs on their own proves to be too much.

COBRA rehab coverage aims to take some of that stress away. Individuals who have lost their jobs but have continued coverage with COBRA and seek treatment for substance abuse problems can either have a portion or the entire amount of rehab covered by insurance. By offering such comprehensive coverage, our clients can focus on recovery, not payments. Continue reading to learn more about COBRA insurance drug rehab coverage.

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What are the Advantages to Having Insurance Cover Rehab?

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Addiction is now generally acknowledged as a chronic disease. In the past, addiction to drugs or illicit substances was often viewed as a moral failing or personal choice. We now know that addiction changes brain function and results from many various physical and psychological factors. With the inception of the Affordable Care Act in 2008, insurance companies were required to make coverage available for mental and behavioral disorders, including addiction and substance abuse treatment.

As the medical professionals and the government continue to acknowledge and learn more about the chronic nature of addiction, more services will be offered to help those in need. For now, health insurance subscribers can enjoy coverage for rehab the same way a trip to the doctor or dentist is covered.

Does COBRA Cover Drug Rehab?

The short answer is yes. Since the Affordable Care Act has made drug and alcohol rehab coverage a requirement for insurance companies, COBRA falls under this category by extending employer group insurance plans in case of job loss. This is particularly vital information since, in many cases, individuals who suffer from addiction and substance dependence issues may lose their job and require coverage to get the help they need.

COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. It’s a law passed by the US Congress that requires employers with health plans to allow individuals to temporarily continue coverage under the employer in instances where coverage would typically end, such as layoffs, change in employment status, or termination. COBRA covers almost all group health plans, and continuation coverage ranges from 18 months to 36 months for employees and beneficiaries. Once the Affordable Care Act was put through in 2008, COBRA insurance became even more important to employees and their families.

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How does COBRA Rehab Coverage Work?

When a group insurance plan covers you, you pay a small amount of the premium for that coverage; your employer typically covers the rest. If you lose your job due to a triggering event such as leaving voluntarily, being laid off, or termination, your employer will send a notice to COBRA and provide you with the option of temporarily continuing the same co