People from all walks of life get caught up in the world of drug and alcohol addiction, and having access to a reliable insurance provider is one of the keys to restoring health and well-being. The vast majority of people with substance abuse problems have no resources set aside for quality treatment, so having a suitable insurance plan in place is integral.

Core Source Insurance is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and self-funded employee benefits program. Their program is popular, serving more than 900 clients, and is well-respected throughout the world of employee benefit programs. Continue reading to learn more about Core Source Insurance drug rehab coverage.

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Third-Party Administrators like Core Source expanded services to include health insurance coverage for alcohol and drug rehabilitation after implementing the Parity Act. The Parity Act was designed to highlight employer benefits of self-funded employee programs. The emphasis of the act was on mandatory health insurance guidelines for larger employers. According to the details of the Act, employees needing coverage for drug or alcohol rehab only have to check with their HR department to find out how much coverage they have.

Many employers with little to no interest in covering substance abuse treatment have started to think differently, signing on with Core Source to provide this important service. Core Source is busy in its role of being a Third-Party Administrator, handling claims, setting up networks across the nation, and handling inpatient and outpatient participating providers and non-providers.

Verifying Core Source Insurance Rehab Coverage Details

For those with addiction issues, the topic of insurance coverage is often another hurdle to clear on their path to recovery. When you get into the details of individual or group plans, some treatments and services are covered, and others aren’t. Navigating the fine print isn’t always easy, especially if you are focused on finding a good treatment center and beginning your recovery journey.

At Beachway, we provide comprehensive, world-class treatment solutions for drug and alcohol addiction. We understand the complexities of health insurance, and we are more than happy to help you figure out how much treatment your insurance covers, and we will help you through the verification process. Contact us for more information about Core Source insurance, alcohol rehab coverage, and drug rehab coverage.

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