Golden rule rehab coverageTreating substance abuse successfully takes a concerted effort on the parts of many people, especially the person that needs the treatment. Once the decision is made to get well, it’s up to therapists, counselors and family members to help the patient through the process. Paying for the treatment is another big piece of the puzzle, and if there isn’t a sound policy in place, the expense may end up being out of pocket.

Modern insurance companies understand the need for solid substance abuse coverage, and Golden Rule makes provisions in its policies that are designed to help. Continue reading to learn more about Golden Rule Insurance drug rehab coverage.

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Golden Rule has been a popular name in health insurance for several decades, even after UnitedHealthcare purchased in 2003. Today, it is a significant part of UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurer in the country. Golden Rule has been at the forefront of several health insurance innovations, including the first medical Savings Account in 1993. Today, they are still among the leaders in Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, which combine an available savings account and an insurance plan. Golden Rule also issues more traditional plans, like a standard co-payment plan.

Golden Rule has provisions for substance abuse treatment in its health insurance plans, and if you are suffering and need treatment, researching the details will let you know just how much coverage you have.

Verifying Golden Rule Insurance Rehab Coverage Details

At Beachway, we provide world-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a pristine setting, but we know that many of our patients rely on insurance to pay for at least a portion of their stay. For this reason, we will help you figure out how much coverage you have and verify your approval to get the process started in earnest.

There is no questioning the effectiveness of professional substance abuse treatment for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is a proven system, and it has a high level of success. In many cases, the issue is payment, which is why we help navigate the details of your Golden Rule policy to help determine how much coverage you have. We can verify your approval so you can get the recovery process started right away.

golden rule insurance for drug rehab coverage
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