harvard pilgrim rehab coverageThe high cost of most reputable drug and alcohol treatment programs leaves many people without adequate insurance to fend for themselves. When you have to think about the financial aspect plus the challenges of detox and recovery, it’s often too much for one person to handle. Harvard Pilgrim is among the growing list of insurance providers that understand the need to take care of the whole person, which is why they offer Harvard Pilgrim drug rehab coverage.

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harvard pilgrim rehab coverage for drug addiction
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Harvard Pilgrim is a health services company with valued members throughout several states, including Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The company has been operating for over 35 years, and during that time, has developed a reputation as having one of the top private health insurance plans in the country. Clinical quality, disease management, preventative care, and overall member satisfaction are some of the attributes Harvard Pilgrim can boast.

As part of its highly-ranked health insurance program, Harvard Pilgrim has teamed with Optum to provide its members the necessary resources to help manage substance abuse issues. Having access to sound drug and alcohol treatment for those in need is crucial in the recovery process and maintaining overall wellness. Not all employers offer behavioral health coverage through Harvard Pilgrim, so it’s wise to check before making that assumption.

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People struggling with addiction or mental health issues often unsure of what services their own insurance provider will agree to cover. We can help wade through some of the details so the picture is crystal clear and you’ll know precisely how much coverage you have before you get started. Finding out that you didn’t have as much as you thought won’t make you feel good about the whole process.

We want you to have the best treatment possible, and we will verify your approval for the necessary treatment. This allows you to get the ball rolling on treatment as soon as possible, giving you the best chance for success and a full recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious, sometimes life-threatening situation, so the sooner you find out how much your insurance pays, the better.

harvard pilgrim rehab coverage for alcohol rehab
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