tufts health planThere are many reasons why a person suffering from addiction or other mental health issues would not seek help at a treatment facility. However, the most common reason why many Americans do not enter rehab when they need it is the cost. Inpatient rehab can be costly, and taking time off work combined with paying for treatment is often too stressful. In these situations, when an individual is in recovery, if they are constantly worrying about paying the bill at the end, they will not be able to commit fully to sobriety and may increase the chances of relapse.

Using Tufts Health Plan rehab coverage to help pay for drug or alcohol rehab treatment is a great opportunity for those who wouldn’t normally afford it to get the help they deserve. Many coverage plans include inpatient detox and outpatient treatment. So from a portion of the cost to the full amount, individuals suffering from the chronic disease known as addiction now have other options than fronting the full cost of rehab on their own.

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Will Tufts Health Plan Pay for Rehab Treatment?

tufts health plan rehab coverage for alcohol rehab treatment
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In 2008, when the Affordable Care Act passed in the United States, it became a requirement that all insurance companies offer coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Tufts Health Plan alcohol rehab coverage goes above and beyond this requirement by offering resources and rehab coverage for addiction and other mental disorders that often accompany substance abuse, such as anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and more.

Depending on the specific plan, Tufts Health Plan covers outpatient treatment services and contracts inpatient treatment facilities for inpatient treatment, hospitalization, and emergency mental health and substance abuse services.

How is Tufts Health Plan Rehab Coverage Different?

Tufts Health Plan drug rehab coverage provides unique and comprehensive care based on its member’s personal needs with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality service. With innovations such as the Coordinated Care Model, which reduces premiums while still achieving the optimum benefits for members, they can put the customer first and provide quality care with little out-of-pocket expenses.

Other innovations that add value to Tufts Health Plan insurance include Creative Contracting for Provider Reimbursement, which pays medical providers based on the quality of service they provide, rather than a “fee-for-service” model. Tufts Health Plan also strongly believes in being proactive and promoting wellness and health.

tufts health plan drug rehab coverage
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