Addiction is a complex disease, and finding the right treatment is a key factor in getting healthy and shedding your addiction forever. Quite often, the most challenging part of getting into treatment and getting healthy is covering the costs involved. Most people wonder if United Healthcare covers rehab since they aren’t able to pay for treatment themselves. Luckily, many insurance providers have come to realize that offering substance abuse coverage is in everyone’s best interest.

United Healthcare has been operating since 1977 and offers a wide range of healthcare products that may include drug and alcohol treatment in a residential setting.

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United Healthcare & Substance Abuse Treatment

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United Healthcare has a wide portfolio of services, including group policies, Medicare subsidies, self-insured programs, and more. Several popular brands operate under the United Healthcare umbrella. In addition, there is a separate division for mental and behavioral issues, known as United Behavioral Health or Optum. This is where you will find coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Optum drug rehab coverage may be a managed health care system, using a network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, and rehab centers to provide the necessary care. To get the most from the insurance policy, members need to stay within the network; this would be for subscribers with HMO plans. Therefore, if you are in a position where drug or alcohol treatment is required, it is important to check your coverage before committing to ensure you’re within the network and receive the highest possible coverage level.

Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Rehab?

At Beachway Therapy Center, we have helped scores of people beat their drug and alcohol addictions and return to a normal life. Along with that experience comes a wide range of experience sorting through the details of various health insurance plans. You may already know that UnitedHealthcare pays for drug rehab and alcohol rehab, but the specific amount you’re covered for can vary, depending on certain criteria.

The length of your stay at our facility, the type of addiction you’re having treated, the amount of your deductible, and co-payments will all have an impact. However, if we are permitted to help and verify your approval for United Healthcare alcohol rehab coverage, you can begin your treatment as soon as possible, which is everyone’s goal.