As the country’s largest third-party health care plan administrator, United Medical Resources provides a wide range of plans and programs that cover state governments, coalitions of employers, and self-funded companies. In addition, UMR helps its members get the coverage they need for substance abuse treatment within its umbrella of services when necessary.

It’s no secret that drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation can be a costly process, and without a solid insurance plan footing some of the bills, it can be too much for many people. However, mental and emotional wellness makes up a big part of total health and wellness. So, if substance abuse treatment is required, having an insurance policy behind you provides incredible peace of mind.

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united medical resources rehab coverage for drug rehab treatment
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United Medical Resources (UMR) is a third-party administrator, providing management services for employers and their health care plans. The United Medical Resources third-party network includes more than 3,000 doctors and health care providers. UMR doesn’t offer substance abuse treatment coverage directly, but they offer alcohol and drug treatment through the network as a third-party administrator.

If you have problems with substance abuse and your employee health care plan is managed by United Medical Resources, take the time to find an in-network resource to help you plan and implement your treatment process. Finding quick and reliable treatment is the best way to recover, and getting the most coverage possible will give you the peace of mind you need to make it happen.

Verifying United Medical Resources Rehab Coverage Details

Simply stating that United Medical Resources drug rehab coverage takes care of rehab costs is too simplistic when trying to figure out the depth of your coverage. Specific plans have specific rules and coverage, and not everyone falls within the proper range every time. If your treatment length exceeds what you are approved for, not all of your treatment will cover insurance. At Beachway, we have extensive experience providing treatment to people who struggle with mental health issues such as addiction, and we have extensive experience working with insurance companies. We can help you ascertain how much United Medical Resources alcohol rehab coverage you have, and we can verify your approval for treatment.

united medical resources rehab coverage for alcohol rehab treatment
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