If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you know the tremendous toll it is taking on your body and your mind. You are losing your health, your relationships are suffering and your life is in a downward spiral. The time has come to receive treatment, only there is no way to pay for it.

This is the scenario that many people find themselves in when they are finally ready to take action with their substance abuse problem. That’s why it is so important to ensure you have adequate substance abuse treatment coverage when you negotiate your health insurance plan. ValueOptions is the largest independent behavioral health and wellness company in the country, and it has options to address all your needs.

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valueoptions rehab coverage for drug rehab treatment
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ValueOptions is a global company that serves over 30 million people around the world, with health insurance options that cover a wide range of services and treatments. Among its list of clients are universities, government agencies, national and regional health plans, labor groups and Fortune 500 companies. ValueOptions offers flexible plans and packages, with Plan I Members having access to detox services in hospitals and treatment facilities around the country.

Choosing a health care provider that is in the approved ValueOptions alcohol rehab coverage network will ensure you get your drug or alcohol substance abuse treatment and detox covered, provided you have Plan I Membership. It is possible to receive treatment in a facility that isn’t in the network, but the overall dollar amount can’t be greater than what’s allowed in the plan, or the difference has to come out of your pocket.

Verifying ValueOptions Rehab Coverage Details

If there is one thing you can say about your ValueOptions drug rehab coverage, it’s that it can vary depending on the details of your plan. Typically, the coverage is meant for short-term treatment, but that may be stretched out if your plan dictates a longer treatment period. It’s important to work out the details before you commit to treatment, and we can help you figure out how much coverage you have. Once you verify your approval, you can make the arrangements to start your treatment and get to a place of recovery and wellness.

Beachway offers other insurance options, such as Vista rehab coverage.

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valueoptions rehab coverage for alcohol rehab treatment
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