Beachway Therapy Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Saad

Bold, strong, challenging, tough, impressive, and educated are all words used to describe the Clinical Director of Beachway Therapy Center. Jennifer Saad came to Beachway Therapy Center a little over 3 years ago as a primary therapist, and was a force to be reckoned with from the very start. Today acting as the Clinical director she is a woman who wears many hats. “Jen is not only just the clinical director of our amazing treatment center. It’s the way she puts her heart and soul into everything. Without her I can say that Beachway would not be what it is today.” Said Pamela Egan, COO of Beachway Therapy Center.

Jennifer Saad grew up in Michigan, where she was always close with her family and especially her 2 brothers. She became engulfed in school and sports; always a leading athlete and student. Saad started her college education at the University of Michigan, transferring to Coastal Carolina to finish her bachelor’s degree. She then went on to graduate school at FAU and became a licensed therapist through the State of Florida.

Therapy was not initially what Saad thought of doing for a career. Initially she was going to school with a focus on childhood education, but with her own personal experience with addiction in many aspects of her life she found a passion for helping people. “After my own experience, my ideas of helping others changed.” She said.  She then finished with her degree in social work.

Today she helps people on a daily basis and continue to help Beachway Therapy Center grow to become the best treatment center for Addicts and Alcoholics that it can be.  Her goal for Beachway and her career is to create a 3 phase program, which is in the works for her, continue to enhance the clinical staff and quality of care. “My hope for Beachway is to increase long term sobriety after treatment.” said Saad. The best feeling for Saad is hearing from or seeing prior clients actually take what they learned in treatment and create better lives for themselves. “I had clients from my prior job contact me recently that have 4 ½ years now and are doing great. For me that’s what makes my job amazing.” Said Saad.

“Jen is an amazing therapist. My sober journey began in her office. I don’t know where I would be today without being lucky enough to have her as my therapist. I am eternally grateful for her.” Said Ali Lennox, one of Saads prior clients.

Outside of treatment though Saad continue to care and be helpful in her everyday life. Like many she enjoys reading, movies and spending time with friends and family, but what you didn’t probably know is that she devotes much of her spare time to 2 amazing children. Saad has been a single foster parent for the past 2 years. Currently she fosters 2 beautiful children who didn’t have the life that they deserved. Today these children are so attached to Saad it is unbelievable. Saad embodies what it means not only to be a fantastic clinical director but a person who actually cares and wants the best for others. She not only shows that in her line of work but in her everyday life.


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