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What Is Court-Ordered Rehab, and How Does it Work?


Movies and television might have you believe that it's easy to commit someone you love involuntarily to an inpatient drug addiction treatment program, but that's not quite true. Court-ordered rehab is an option, but

What Is Court-Ordered Rehab, and How Does it Work?2020-02-11T11:45:38-05:00

What Is Neurotherapy?


Neurofeedback Therapy + Addiction When dealing with addiction,  a person should be open to different holistic treatment methods so they can find what works best to help them, individually.  One treatment option

What Is Neurotherapy?2020-02-11T14:52:31-05:00

What Is Holistic Drug Rehab?


You’ve heard something about holistic drug rehab, but aren’t quite sure if treatment like this is effective—or what it involves. Will you still go through detox and receive group and individual therapy if you choose

What Is Holistic Drug Rehab?2020-04-28T15:22:54-04:00