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DBT as an Effective Treatment Modality for Addiction and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders


DBT Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, has been an interesting treatment choice for individuals who suffer from addiction and mental health disorders. Marsha Linehan developed DBT primarily

DBT as an Effective Treatment Modality for Addiction and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders2022-08-03T12:41:21-04:00

Mental Health Treatment


Primary Mental Health Treatment Services Beachway Therapy Center is proud to announce that we have been officially licensed, by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), to provide mental health treatment services in the state

Mental Health Treatment2021-08-04T18:27:29-04:00

Intimacy Trauma and Recovery


Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers to Intimacy in Recovery There are several barriers one may find discover as they try to form healthy connections to others as they move through recovery. This can be

Intimacy Trauma and Recovery2021-08-04T18:27:39-04:00

Substance Abuse and Older Adults


A Growing Threat: Substance Abuse Among Older Adults In the United States, Substance abuse among older adults has been identified as one of the fastest-growing health problems. As the baby boomers – those born

Substance Abuse and Older Adults2021-08-04T18:27:48-04:00

The continuing rise of Meth addiction in the U.S.


Methamphetamine Abuse in the USA The war on drugs has always been prevalent but the target of this war changes through the decades. In the 1980s crack cocaine surged on the market. Then in the 90s

The continuing rise of Meth addiction in the U.S.2022-09-01T09:02:26-04:00

Art Therapy and Trauma Recovery


How Art Therapy Can Heal Trauma and Contribute to Holistic Well-Being Artistic expression is a key part of humanity. Humans have been expressing themselves in creative ways since the beginning of time throughout every

Art Therapy and Trauma Recovery2022-09-01T09:19:30-04:00