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How to help someone with PTSD


Understanding how to help someone with PTSD is challenging. Life is unpredictable and full of experiences that shape and define us. Whether positive or negative, most of what we go through in life will

How to help someone with PTSD2020-04-28T15:52:01-04:00

Can PTSD Cause Addiction?


As we all know, the effects of major traumatic events in life can have real, lasting impact on the human psyche. In extreme cases, the effects can cause such repeated pain that they develop into

Can PTSD Cause Addiction?2020-04-28T15:52:46-04:00

Using Your HSA to Cover Drug Rehab


You may be ready to begin treating your drug addiction; this decision comes in different ways to different people, and is often accompanied by a kind of relief: A hope that you will finally be

Using Your HSA to Cover Drug Rehab2020-04-28T15:32:29-04:00

How Much Does Rehab Cost?


The burning question everyone has is: how much does rehab cost? And unfortunately, the frustrating but truthful answer is, it depends. There are so many different variables that come into play when pricing out

How Much Does Rehab Cost?2020-06-01T13:00:52-04:00

3 Tips for Dealing with the Fear of Entering Rehab


Many people struggling with substance abuse dread the thought of entering rehab. While a loved one may be having a difficult time coping with the daily side effects of drug or alcohol abuse, the fear

3 Tips for Dealing with the Fear of Entering Rehab2020-04-28T15:29:45-04:00
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