Different Ways Your Drinking May be Affecting Your Children

kids affected by parents drinkingAfter a tough day at the office, we might like to tip a drink or to celebrate a recent success, we might imbibe in some sweet champagne or have a couple of cocktails with friends to enjoy the fellowship of their company. If you have kids, it is important to look at your drinking and how it will affect your family and what influences it will have on the kids as they grow up.

Growing up is based on learned behavior, and the biggest influence on a child is a parent, and our kids don’t miss a thing. We don’t want to teach our kids bad habits, but they can develop an unhealthy relationship with alcohol based what they see their parents do.

Four ways drinking can affect your kids

1. An after work cocktail sends a message to our kids that alcohol is a way to unwind after a tough day. The unconscious behavior of reaching for a glass of wine or a beer is probably one of the worst messages we send our kids. Alcohol is one of the least healthy ways to relieve stress, and when our kids see us drink to unwind it creates a bad example. If you use alcohol as a way to unwind on a daily basis, you may need alcohol rehab treatment.

2. When we revel in a drunken stupor, our kids think being drunk is cool because dad and mom drink to excess. The reality of it all is that drinking to the point of intoxication is unhealthy and dangerous. Drunken people aren’t capable of making good decisions and the health risks of alcohol abuse are well documented. Teaching our kids to drink to excess is the last thing we want to do. We want to teach them moderation is the way to go and saying no to a drink is OK if you feel you have had enough.

3. When we drink at social functions, our kids see that the functions are only fun if alcohol is served. This sends a bad message to our kids because we can teach them that they can have fun without a drink in their hand. That lesson will serve them well when they grow up and start to experiment with alcohol themselves. If you children are experimenting with alcohol or drugs, you may want to seek family recovery treatment.

4. When we sit down and talk to our kids about the evils of alcohol, we need to be consistent. If we lecture our kids not to drink or to use alcohol in moderation and turn around and do the opposite – like getting drunk – our kids will see us as hypocrites and tune us out. If you are going to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk, and if you do your kids will respect you for it.

The fallout for children from alcoholic parents

Children of alcoholic parents can expect a life of uncertainty and difficulty emotionally. Children of alcoholic parents are more likely to: Become alcoholics, struggle with relationships, feel differently, become extremely impulsive, and they don’t how to have fun.

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