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will your insurance pay for rehab expenses imageDoes health insurance cover rehab costs? Yes it does, if you have an insurance policy your treatment is most likely covered, find out by clicking here for a no cost, private insurance approval.

Just about any serious medical condition has the potential to affect a patient, her family, friends and acquaintances, but drug and alcohol addiction take it a step further. Not only is there a physical and emotional toll on the addict, but the toll it takes on those around her can be far greater than a physical disease. Addiction is a disease that affects every facet of a person’s life, and in many cases has them questioning whether carrying on with life is even worth it.

The fact that different people deal with addiction in their own unique way makes cookie-cutter treatment methods out of the question. Many physical ailments respond well to set treatments that have been proven over time, but with addiction each treatment must be customized to a certain extent. The same concepts and theories can be effective, but within each protocol, the person must be dealt with as an individual.



It’s now common knowledge that failing to recognize the signs of addiction and leaving that person to fend for herself can lead to serious mental and physical issues down the road. This means, rehab insurance companies that won’t acknowledge drug rehab insurance as part of their health plans may end up paying for it later when the person develops an ailment because of the addiction that is covered by the insurance plan. This is one reason why substance abuse treatment is seeing increasing coverage in health insurance plans around the country.

Is Full Coverage Part of the Plan?

It’s common to see provisions made for drug and alcohol rehab in regular health insurance coverage today, but that doesn’t mean full coverage is just a given if you see it mentioned in your plan. You can’t just say, “Does insurance cover alcohol rehab?” and get a simple yes or no. It’s necessary to dig into the details of your plan to discover the real information on how much coverage you have. Some of the common stipulations you’ll see include:

  •         Having to use “network” physicians and facilities to ensure coverage
  •         Not allowing detox as part of the coverage
  •         Changing coverage based on length of treatment
  •         Changing coverage based on type of treatment
  •         Denying coverage if you’ve been through rehab before
  •         Changing coverage based on the type of addiction

As with any insurance policy, there is always fine print and that fine print should be read if you want to maximize your coverage without any surprises. Checking into the details is always a must, and never feel silly for asking what appear to be basic questions. Let the team at Beachway Therapy answer the question does insurance cover rehab by filling out this form or calling 877-284-0353.



Is Relapse a Pre-Existing Condition?

You may see wording about “pre-existing” conditions when reading through your rehab insurance coverage, and it’s important to note that if you’ve relapsed from a previous stint in rehab that may be enough to deny you coverage. Some policies consider repeat visits into treatment as a pre-existing condition that is worthy of being denied treatment. Relapsing happens to many people who try to beat their addictions, and if it has happened to you and you’re looking to enter rehab again, make sure you read the policy thoroughly and find out if you’re covered.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

Your insurance may cover rehab that’s labeled as inpatient or outpatient, but usually it will cover some variation of both. Inpatient treatment is the more costly option, but you do get 24-hour care and treatment with professional therapists and counselors. Most of the time, the recommendation for does insurance cover inpatient rehab depends on the level of care you need. It’s important to check how much your plan provides for both inpatient and outpatient care, before you start any type of treatment.

Whole-Body Holistic Healing

At Beachway, we try to employ a more complete plan of treatment to help you rid yourself of addiction. Our holistic approach includes treatments based around art, music, equine therapy and psychodrama therapy. Having several individual therapy sessions every week helps patients work through emotional issues that may have otherwise lingered for years, increasing the likelihood of relapse. Our treatment center is a luxury facility and may not be covered in your plan, but our high success rate warrants a closer look.

Moving Into the Future

Every great drug and alcohol rehab facility includes follow-up care to help you when you get back into society. We will help you to reintroduce the new you to society, and while this element of treatment may not be covered by your insurance, it is a critical part of your success.

Beachway Therapy proudly works with the following insurance companies Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare along with many others.

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Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

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