family intervention tipsAnybody that has had family or friends ride the terrible rollercoaster of drug or alcohol addiction knows – simply broaching the subject of the addiction can be the hardest part. Helping a loved one realize that they need drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be a big and frightening step. A big step away from the painful and confusing enabling that may have been taking place. Family members can feel like they are living in fear that intervention may push their loved one away for good.

Family Involvement is Important in Substance Abuse Treatment

Each family will approach this difficult time in a different way. One thing that all family members must keep in mind though, is that approaching a loved one should be a supportive act of love. Most addicts seek care because of family involvement, and true caring drives most interventions. Beachway counselors are trained to work with drug and alcohol addicted patients and their families. We can even help if you are planning a private intervention.

It is Possible to Act Before Substance Abuse Treatment and Intervention

An intervention can be a gentle process. It needn’t be a confrontational time. Remember that the family dynamic in drug and alcohol addiction is a powerful tool, and helping your loved one to move gently toward addiction therapy should be your first port of call. Only positive family involvement can heal everyone on this journey. Let us start together.

What Happens During a Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

After an intervention (during an inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment program), the family can play a vital role in aftercare. If a patient can stay close to family and home life, they can continue their care for longer. Inpatient addiction programs encourage frequent interaction with visiting family and friends. It is seen as a vital building block in a successful treatment program. It is important to mention that toxic influencers are not welcome during this time. Removing the enabling elements that were surrounding your loved one helps them to adjust and reap the full benefits of therapy without distraction.

When Can Family Involvement End and Life Return to Normal?

The addiction therapy process can be a lifelong part of some folks’ lives. Families that have struggled with the effects of their loved one’s drug and alcohol addiction are encouraged to attend therapy or anonymous meetings regularly to keep strong, maintain support for one another and keep learning together.

Alcohol and drug addiction are family diseases. Only loving and caring family involvement before, during and after exposure to the disease can expedite healing, growth and sobriety.

Drug and alcohol abuse, withdrawal and therapy can be a rocky road for families, and in these uncertain days in America, we need to band together again as family. We need to look out for one another and shake off the bounds of addiction for good. At Beachway we are standing by to help. For more information, call Beachway today at 877-284-0353.