How to Overcome the Fear of Starting Drug Rehab

overcome-fear-of-starting-drug-rehab-image-300x198Undoubtedly, making the decision to begin drug rehab and enter into a drug rehabilitation center, is a major decision. It is also one that can be fraught with fear over detox and what the whole process entails. Sometimes, a person can just realize that they don’t want to be imprisoned by their own addiction anymore and that will be incentive enough to move past their fear to enter rehab. However, the reverse is often true and a person’s fear of detox and rehab treatment can perpetuate their addiction.

Knowledge Is Power

As is usually the case, one of the best ways to overcome fear is through knowledge. Knowing the truth about what treatment and detox will entail enables you to prepare yourself properly and not be worried about something that is built up in your mind but not based in reality.

Fear of the Detox Process

Many of us have heard stories or seen footage on television and movies about the seemingly tortuous process involved in detox. The truth is that each individual will have a different experience in detox and most treatment facilities these days, like Beachway Therapy Center in Delray Beach, Florida are fully equipped with expert staff and resources so they are able to do everything possible to make you comfortable during the detox process.

Fear of Isolation and Being Away From Family

While it is completely understandable that a person could feel anxious about entering a rehab treatment and detox facility, you will have a whole new team of support behind you. You will receive support from your family, friends and a new dedicated and knowledgeable group of people. Your days of truly being alone in your addiction will finally be over.

Fear of Embarrassment and Exposure

Many addicts become very skilled over time at trying to hide their drug or alcohol addiction and other issues. Masking and lying about any number of things often becomes second nature so as to not give up their cover. This leads someone to fear exposure and embarrassment when they enter a treatment facility. The fact of the matter is, you are likely not fooling many people with the lies and deception. You will feel a sense of release when charades are no longer necessary.

Fear of Unleashing the Deeper Issues

There is almost always something at the core of a person’s addiction to drugs. Subconsciously, there may be a thought that going through drug rehab will unleash this problem and force you to face it head on, which is a scary situation for anyone. In reality, the drugs only mask the issue and the pain remains constant. By receiving the professional guidance of drug rehab, the core problem will receive the attention required to manage it in a healthy way and build confidence. The addict receives the tools necessary to take control back in their life instead of having drugs control them.

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Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

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Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

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