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yoga at inpatient drug programOne of the great personal trials that everyday Americans may face—or know someone close is facing—is substance addiction. It can happen to anyone, and it can happen very easily. An elderly person with a lot of body aches may become addicted to painkillers. A college student who enjoys a good party may become an alcoholic. No one, regardless of class, race, age or gender is immune from the possibility of addiction, but there is help in the form of inpatient rehab in Florida.

Rehabilitation can take many forms, and for some people, particularly if they are mindful enough to see the problem in the early stages, sometimes self-directed discipline and treatment is enough. But for others, the dependence is so strong and has gone on for so long that a more comprehensive action is required, and inpatient rehab may be the most appropriate form of treatment to take.

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What Is Inpatient Rehab?

If you, or someone close to you, has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you have exhausted all of your options in trying to get them to quit using their own methods, then professional rehabilitation may be the best solution to a very serious problem. This means taking much more elaborate action and leaving the bulk of the problem solving to experienced professionals that have seen this problem before and know exactly what to do. Inpatient drug rehab, for example, has extensive experience with everything from older addictions such as cocaine to the newer forms on the rise, like opioid addiction.

By taking the step to admit someone into facilities like inpatient rehab centers, a substance addict gets that most valuable of treatment components; focused attention. This means that there is staff nearby at all times during the critical early stages of overcoming addiction. This is important during the withdrawal period, which requires a combination of patience, understanding, observation, and the ability to distinguish needing legitimate medical treatment from real withdrawal symptoms from the less severe symptoms which only time can cure. This is true whether it is inpatient alcohol rehab or for drugs.

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Critical Early Recovery Steps

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In many cases of substance addiction, there are many steps involved in recovery. Crucial early treatment like withdrawal, or detoxification, is necessary for helping the body to overcome the physical addiction, as the body’s biology has developed a dependence on the substance in question, treating it similarly to food or water. Once the physical addiction has been handled, the next steps will be just as important.

Regardless of whether it is inpatient drug rehab or alcohol rehab, some kind of therapy is usually required to start building the blocks of a new, substance-free life with the appropriate behaviors and mindset to live that life. It’s at this stage that it may be determined that a person’s treatment may be shorter term, or require long term inpatient rehab care, depending on the situation. Every person is different, and professional evaluations can quickly determine the best course of action from here.

Finding the Right Solution

In some cases, inpatient rehab may determine that the substance addiction itself is merely a manifestation of a deeper problem and not the actual root of the trouble itself. Some people may have had long-term, pre-existing emotional or psychological conditions, such as chronic depression, or in the case or war veterans or trauma victims, PTSD.

A technique known as dual diagnosis means that inpatient rehab may consist of addressing not just the addiction itself, but the condition that encouraged the addiction to begin with. If someone is suffering from chronic depression, for example, and is only treated for addiction, then even when they return to a normal life, they will continue to be depressed, and that ongoing depression may lead to a relapse, or an addiction to a different substance entirely. Dual diagnosis treats both conditions simultaneously so that they don’t have a chance to reinforce, or otherwise feed or nurture each other at a later time.

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Different People Have Different Needs

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Another important aspect of good inpatient rehab in Florida is ensuring each individual addict gets the customized treatment program that is most effective for his or her needs. Some patients, for example, may have deep religious convictions, in which case, faith-based therapy may prove to be incredibly effective in giving them the tools to regain control not just of their life, but reinforce their faith in their religion.

Other patients undergoing their own inpatient alcohol rehab, may have a more creative focus, and respond well to music therapy, or even drama therapy, where they can express their concerns and look at their problems in a different way. Still, others may respond well to socializing with others, in which case, group therapy, where people with common goals strengthen and reinforce each other may be a good way to achieve tangible progress. Every person is different, and with experienced professionals evaluating their individual tendencies, an attentive, personalized inpatient rehab program can be structured and applied for the best possible chance of success.

A Controlled Environment

The one thing that people benefit from most with inpatient rehab in Florida is the time to truly look at their problem, and address it head on with no distractions or unnecessary hurdles. More comprehensive programs let patients spend their days in a home-like setting if that is what is required. Patients in this situation can enjoy privacy and comfort, but still be closely supervised for their health and protection.

However, affordable inpatient rehab choices also exist that don’t put people in these more private, elaborate settings. The important thing is, regardless of the choice of inpatient rehab procedures that are used, the primary goal remains the same. To free a person of their physical and psychological dependency on a substance, and give them the tools and inner strength they need to live a new life that is independent.

This leaves people better equipped the resist the temptations of allowing drugs or alcohol to become a crutch in order to deal with the problems and obstacles of life. Contact us at Beachway Therapy Center today to learn more.

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