Key Features of Effective Alcohol Treatment

The most important features that an effective alcohol treatment center should have are detox, counseling and aftercare. These services work together to treat the different areas of the disease including the physical, psychological and social impacts that the alcohol abuse has on a person. The ultimate success of all of these areas of treatment will also be highly influenced by the experience and knowhow of the professionals administering the treatment.

Detox Treatment

Alcohol contains many toxins that invade and compromise a person’s body when they become an addict. This is why detox is so important as the first stage in the treatment process. It is imperative that all alcohol and its toxins are removed from the body so that you are no longer being influenced and controlled by it and can start to heal. This process has some very common withdrawal symptoms, however each individual will have a different reaction.

Counseling Therapy

Counseling will not only help to get to what is at the core of a person’s alcohol problem but it will also help them to figure out how to assimilate back into a life without alcohol. Once alcohol has taken over a person, their lives become different and they need to re-learn how to go about their life without self-medicating through alcohol. Counseling will help a person determine how they will prevent a relapse once they have successfully completed their rehab program. Counseling in both group and individual settings is available and can both be very effective modes of therapy. Group sessions enable you to meet other people who are going through similar alcohol addictions and individual sessions can help someone get to the root of the deeper problems.

Aftercare – What Happens When You Leave Treatment?

Today’s society is inundated with messages containing alcohol references. It is very important that a proper and effective alcohol rehab program include aftercare. You need to know how to successfully transition back into your life that will now exclude alcohol. Avoiding a relapse is very important.

Therefore, avoiding alcohol and people or places that will tempt you in the early stage of aftercare is essential. If there are certain places or people in your life that will likely cause temptation to return to alcohol; you need to do everything possible to keep your distance until you and your rehab team determine that you are able to handle such an encounter. Certain circumstances like work stress and money issues would fall into this category as well.

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Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

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