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Georgia Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Georgia Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Beachway Therapy Center can help you successfully change your life and enjoy a brighter future based on sobriety. We welcome all of our patients like family members, and work with individuals from all backgrounds, walks of life and areas of the country, including Georgia. Rehab centers who offer true care and support, in addition to personalized programs which are based on the unique needs of each individual, will achieve superior outcomes. That’s what we can offer you here at Beachway. Get started today by calling our confidential Georgia rehab support hotline at 877-284-0353. We’re available 24 hours per day and seven days per week, and we’re eager to help.

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Our confidential hotline is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
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Our Holistic, Customized & Caring Approach

At Beachway, we believe in holistic treatments and services. That means that we never prescribe or utilize narcotics during your treatment, unless it’s medically necessary. We also focus on improving your overall physical and mental health and wellness during your treatment.

By exploring the root, underlying issues behind your addiction, you’ll gain the education and tools you need to continue fighting against it far into the future. We’ll help you understand that your addiction is a chronic and deadly disease, but it’s a treatable one with our assistance.

All Georgia rehab patients receive a minimum of two individual therapy sessions per week, with more available as needed. Additional treatments and options include family therapy weekends, 12 step meetings, group therapies, faith based treatments, dual diagnosis treatment, EMDR, and therapeutic alternatives like art, music, or equine therapy.

The Facility

Beachway offers a beautiful, spacious facility and grounds, with relaxing outdoor scenic areas perfect for recovery. There is a community area with an entertainment center, and the opportunity to engage in recreational activities. You’ll have your own private room with luxury accommodations and a flat screen television. We can even help to arrange transportation for you to our facility in as little as 24 hours.

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Beachway is proud to serve Georgia with the best rehab and addiction treatment facility. Get on the right track and start your road to recovery with Beachway. Call to speak to someone on our confidential hotline for more information.
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