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Watching a loved one struggle with addiction is a difficult process. On the one hand, you desperately want to help them, however; on the other hand, a person will only truly be able to help himself or herself out of addiction. When it comes to recovery, the best option for anyone struggling with substance abuse is professional rehab services.

Beachway offers expert Toledo addiction treatment with a reputation for kindness, compassion, and professionalism. Our team of experienced therapists and counselors work with clients to provide treatment that is effective and lasting

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Benefits of Inpatient Treatment


When deciding on a Toledo rehab facility to enter, one of the first decisions you will make is whether to enter inpatient addiction treatment or outpatient treatment. Both types of treatment are effective, however, there are a few differences that would make inpatient the better option for some. Some of the biggest advantages to inpatient treatment include:

  • Clients live at the facility for an extended period of time. This enables them to remove themselves from any toxic environment that may encourage substance abuse.
  • Clients have access to 24-hour medical care from trained professionals who are experienced in treating addiction.
  • During treatment, clients do not need to worry about meals or living accommodations because it is covered in the cost of treatment.
  • Therapy sessions are more intense, taking place every day.
  • Clients develop a sense of camaraderie with their peers that form a strong support system for recovery.


Inpatient addiction treatment in Toledo

Is Outpatient Treatment the Better Option?


Outpatient addiction treatment options in Toledo

Addiction and recovery are different for each individual who is affected by substance abuse. What works for some, might not work for others.

Outpatient treatment is ideal for individuals who have already gone through detox and are able to self-regulate their exposure to substances.

Many people choose outpatient rehab because it allows them to continue living at home and working or going to school. Outpatient treatment such as Toledo alcohol rehab also involves less frequent therapy sessions than inpatient treatment and is often less expensive. However, cost should not be the only factor that you consider when deciding on a treatment plan since the important part is recovery and relapse prevention.


The Holistic Approach to Rehab

When it comes to successful Toledo substance abuse treatment, we feel that the most effective type of treatment encompasses everything and teaches clients to build better lives for themselves from the ground up. We work with the holistic approach, which is designed to heal the mind, body, and soul of our clients. In addition to individualized therapy options such as faith-based healing, art therapy, equine therapy, and music therapy, we also offer nutritional counseling, physical activities and other fun events designed to show clients that life can be beautiful without relying on substances.

The holistic rehab approach dissects the mental, physical, and spiritual issues that have been the underlying cause of addiction. By acknowledging it and working to heal these aspects of a person’s life, we are able to create success stories and help our clients stay sober.

Signs of Drug Addiction

Each case of addiction is different since each person reacts to drugs or substances differently. With that being said, there are a few common indicators that someone you know or even you yourself are struggling with addiction and may need Toledo drug rehab. Watch out for the following warning signs:


  • Feeling embarrassed or ashamed about your drug use.
  • Hiding drug use from loved ones.
  • Losing interest in activities or hobbies that were once enjoyed.
  • Losing touch with friends or family members because of drug use.
  • Engaging in risky behavior such as driving under the influence.
  • Missing work or school commitments because of drug use.
  • Feeling like the only important thing is securing and using drugs.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you are not using drugs.
  • Losing interest in grooming and appearance.
  • Experiencing legal problems relating to drug use.


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Be aware of the signs of addiction

Why is Detox Important?

detoxification from drugs in Toledo

One of the most important aspects of any treatment plan is detoxing. Detox programs work to rid the body ridding itself of any emotional or physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Detoxing prior to beginning treatment allows clients to start fresh and get all the negative withdrawal symptoms out of the way.

During detox, it’s common to experience unpleasant symptoms referred to as withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, delirium tremens, grand mal seizure, depression, anxiety, hallucination and more. In many cases, these symptoms are so unpleasant that it is next to impossible for an individual to detox on their own. Most people require the help of a medical professional who can monitor their health and prescribe medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms.



What Happens After Treatment?

During treatment, our Toledo  rehab center works with clients to create a comprehensive aftercare plan. This plan is implemented once treatment is over and includes many strategies designed to help ease clients back into a normal, sober life. Our clients are equipped with many tools and support systems that prevent relapse and ensure that there is a smooth transition from treatment to the real world. Some of the programs we offer in our aftercare treatment include:

  • Resume and interview skills workshops to help clients find employment.
  • Help applying to a post-secondary school.
  • Access to group therapy and support groups.
  • Placement in a sober living environment or halfway house.

With these tools, our clients can enjoy sobriety while continuing to get support from our experienced team.


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Addiction is not something shameful. Admitting you need help is not the same as admitting to being weak and accepting help with recovery does not make you a bad person. Addiction is a chronic disease that is treatable and manageable. With the right tools, therapy, and assistance with Hollywood rehab, you can give up substances for good and move on to a life that is sober, healthy, and above all else, happy.

For more information on addiction treatment services in Hollywood, FL, call 877-284-0353 and speak with the addiction experts at Beachway Therapy Center.


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Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

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