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finding peace at washington state rehabSubstance addiction is one of the most seductive of challenges that a person can wrestle with because it often happens without anyone realizing what’s going on. Painkillers that were originally prescribed for relief can take over. Alcohol that was once consumed to relax at parties becomes the only way to get through the day. But there is a way to regain control, and it starts with seeking professional Washington state rehab treatment.

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Addiction treatment in Washington State is about having experienced staff on hand that know what to do in any situation that may arise. This can be crucial for health and safety early in Washington State drug rehab or alcohol treatment because of the first grueling, physical challenge; withdrawal.

When someone is addicted to a substance for a long period of time, many substances will foster a real physical dependency in the body of the person. This means that addicts don’t just want a substance, the body actually believes it needs the substance, in the same way it needs food, water or oxygen for survival.

Stopping the supply of the substance to the body can have traumatic effects to their physiology. In some cases, it’s fever or irritability. In more extreme cases, it may be agonizing cramps, vomiting and even hallucinations. A rehab center in Washington State can safely monitor a person during this period, and help to treat adverse reactions.

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Focused Treatment & Therapy

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After negotiating the withdrawal experience, Washington State alcohol rehab or drug treatment will usually concentrate on treating the mind now that the body is cleansed. Every case is unique, and what might be effective for a teenager is inappropriate for a grandmother or a working professional.

It’s especially important to understand and treat the cause of addiction, which, in itself, can be a complex process. For example, Washington State rehab treatment may use a technique known as dual diagnosis to discover that a person’s addiction is actually a side-effect of a more fundamental, underlying condition, such as chronic depression, or PTSD. Without professional treatment of that condition, simply curing the addiction will still leave a person depression or trauma to deal with, and that, in turn, can lead to a relapse. Both addiction and the other condition must be treated for real results.

Returning to Normal Life

Washington State rehab, when done properly, doesn’t just treat someone intensively during the early stages of addiction and then cut them loose to return to their lives. Someone with a clean system and new commitment to a substance-free life needs some kind of network to encourage that lifestyle and more growth.

Washington State drug rehab or alcohol treatment may involve post-treatment meetings. An aftercare support group can often be an important guiding hand when intensive, supervised therapy is no longer there. Meeting with others that are overcoming addictions, sharing insight, encouragement, and strength can be an invaluable support network going forward. Addiction treatment in Washington State is only a success when someone doesn’t just leave the center clean but stays that way for the rest of his or her life.

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