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While many of the substances people use and become addicted to today are the results of synthesis in a modern lab, the roots of substance addiction go back centuries. Alcohol and tobacco, for example, have been with us for millennia, and some substances have even been regarded as sacred components of religious ritual.

The psilocybin mushroom or “magic” mushroom is one of these older, naturally occurring narcotic substances. And while it may not have the currency or popularity of modern drugs like prescription medication, abuse can occur just as easily, requiring mushroom treatment for addiction.

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Mushrooms Is An Ancient Drug

The mushroom is one of the oldest and most unusual of narcotic substances, in that it’s one of the few that some cultures appropriated for institutionally approved use in religious practices. The use of mushrooms for shamanic rituals was documented by Native American cultures as far back as 1800 years ago.

The reason that psilocybin mushrooms were adopted by primitive cultures as a religious tool is because these mushrooms have naturally occurring hallucinogenic properties. Because they were easy to gather and use, they became regarded as tools that allowed spiritual leaders of these cultures to have visions that were either messages from the gods, or prophecies, warnings and other forms of divine communication.

Today, our understanding of what these mushrooms are and how they work is much more complete and scientific. Despite all that, the use of mushrooms, largely for recreational purposes today, still exists, and so does the need for mushrooms treatment.

How Mushrooms Works

Unlike many of the natural narcotics throughout history that were derived from plants, such as tobacco, alcohol, and opium, the mushroom is not a plant, but a fungus. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in certain types of mushroom that is responsible for the hallucinogenic properties. In a sense, mushrooms are the “original” LSD, since the hallucinogenic effects of that laboratory created substance are merely a magnified, purified version of what occurred in nature.

The mushroom is ingested in various ways. Whole mushrooms can simply be eaten, they can be cooked, they can also be ground into a powder and put into hot water as part of a tea, or mixed with other drinks, like fruit juices. As with LSD, the hallucinogenic effects usually take 20-30 minutes to be felt and, depending on the dosage, can last several hours. It’s because of this long lasting nature of psilocybin that use of the mushroom remains popular, and one of the reasons that psilocybin addiction treatment is still needed today.The hallucinogenic effects of mushrooms are well documented. An altered sense of the perception of time is a common experience, as time appears to “slow down,” for the user. Visual and auditory hallucinations are also extremely common, causing users to hear or see things that aren’t there. Synesthesia is another phenomenon, with users experiencing a “mix” in sensory apprehension, such as the ability to “hear color” or “see music.”

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The physical effects while under the influence of mushrooms are broad. Numbness, particularly in the face, raised blood pressure, sweating, loss of urinary control and muscle weakness or twitching are common symptoms while taking mushrooms.

The legal status of mushrooms is also a little bit different. While it is illegal to possess, sell, carry or grow psilocybin mushrooms, many states, including Florida, allow the sale of psilocybin mushroom spores, because there are no psychoactive ingredients in the spores themselves. Only California, Georgia, and Idaho have explicitly made even psilocybin mushroom spores illegal.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Treatment for Addiction

Fortunately for those that abuse mushrooms, mushrooms treatment is less physically severe than other narcotics. Psilocybin is not physically addictive, which is to say that even extended, repeated use of the narcotic does not create an actual physical craving within the body. Users can only become psychologically addicted to mushrooms, similar to gambling or video games.

Because of this, there is no physically painful withdrawal period requiring a closely supervised detoxification, but that doesn’t mean that psilocybin mushrooms treatment is easier. It just means that it is not as physically demanding. Mushrooms treatment still requires work, counseling, and personalized therapy to give addicts the best chance of learning new coping strategies that will allow them to negotiate the challenges of life without resorting to respite from a narcotic substance.

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