Gender and Addiction Treatment

Gender can be a large part of developing effective treatment methods for individuals with addiction and substance abuse problems. Several factors need to be considered during substance abuse treatment. Many facilities offer gender-specific therapy to target the most impactful treatment options and effective therapy methods for women.

Addiction research shows that men and women who become addicted to drugs experience addiction differently. Some of the major differences include:

  • Women can become addicted using smaller amounts of certain drugs for shorter periods of time.
  • Female hormones can make women more sensitive to certain drugs’ effects.
  • Domestic abuse victims are more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • Anxiety and depression are more common in women with addiction issues.
  • Substances physically impact women differently than men, especially when it comes to heart and brain function.
  • It is more common for a woman to seek emergency help or overdose treatment from drugs or alcohol.
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While these differences do not necessarily make addiction treatment more difficult for women, it may require a different approach. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for pregnant women must be approached with extreme care.

What is Gender Responsive Treatment?

Each person’s struggle with addiction is different. Many factors impact the way we treat addiction. One of those factors is gender. Many treatment centers for women utilize gender-responsive treatment. This method uses evidence-based care to create an effective treatment plan based on the unique needs relating to sex and gender. For women, some of the core factors of this approach include:

  • Recognizing personal relationships and addressing the significance of these relationships.
  • Addressing any unique health concerns.
  • Recognizing the various “caregiver” roles that many women take on during their life.
  • Adopting strengths-based treatment.
  • Touching on the cultural roles that women play that can impact the way society views women with substance abuse.
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Benefits of Gender-Specific Group Therapy

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In a group setting, following the gender-specific rehab model provides a range of benefits for women. These include:

  •  A sense of belonging and the ability to open up
  • Empathy toward fellow group members who have gone through similar experiences
  • Emotional comfort; especially if trauma that contributed to substance abuse, was carried out by a male
  • Group program guidelines can be specifically tailored to the needs of women

The Importance of Context in Women’s Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab and drug rehab for women must consider the most effective methods for treating substance abuse in women.

One of the most important factors in rehab for women or rehab treatment for pregnant women in context. During therapy, treatment is approached with a method that provides a context within the woman’s life.

This includes touching on topics such as her relationships, family, spouses, and social and economic situations.

Benefits of Rehab Centers for Women

Using a gender-specific approach to healing helps fully understand the factors and triggers that cause addiction in women. Women who go through these types of treatments have reduced chances of relapse and can move on from addiction to build a healthy life with healthy relationships. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and needs addiction treatment, call Beachway and get on the road to recovery.

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