Risks of Trying to Manage Heroin Withdrawal On Your Own

heroin-rehab-treatment-image-300x200If you have made the important decision to quit a heroin addiction and get back your life, congratulations! This one of the most important decisions of your life up to this point, and it won’t be easy. Withdrawal symptoms are very common when the process of removing the heroin and toxins from the body begins. While detoxing from heroin is not usually a life threatening process, it can be extremely uncomfortable.

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms can be subject to your level of dependency on the drug. This is why being backed by a great treatment center with experienced and knowledgeable counselors and specialists can be so helpful in getting through the process successfully.  Treatment centers will have all of the latest information and approved resources to help make your detox easier and avoid some of the harsh symptoms.

Health and Safety Risks from Heroin Withdrawal

Not only does trying to manage the heroin withdrawal process alone pose a number of challenges regarding the effectiveness and success of your recovery, it also leaves you open to significant health and safety risks. A reputable and professional detox facility will be able to personalize your treatment and fully monitor your withdrawal process from the heroin. Although it is not a common occurrence, it is important to note that, should an extreme side effect occur during your treatment, you will have a team of medical professionals on hand to assist you. They are also able to give medications that help to mitigate extreme side effects and ease the symptoms that you might encounter.  

Possible Complications

When you are experiencing problems due to heroin withdrawal, you can become dehydrated alongside other complications and then medical assistance will become necessary anyway. Why wait for your safety to become compromised, when you have the ability to make a safe choice from the very beginning?

Dehydration during the detox process from heroin, largely because of how much vomiting and diarrhea occurs, can result in major health concerns. You could very well land yourself in the hospital due to dehydration or other complications anyway, it just makes far more sense to not put yourself through added frustration and risk. Instead, start out the right way, in a professional medically supervised environment that can reduce your risks and increase your success potential.

How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Take?

The process of heroin withdrawal can take hours, days and even weeks and your strength will diminish throughout that time. Proper re-hydration and taking appropriate supplementation is important. This is quite a difficult task to manage properly when you are also the one dealing with the effects of the drug. Give yourself the best chance at success, and get into a reputable treatment facility today.

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Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

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