change lifestyle to avoid relapseOnce you’ve made it through detox and rehab and are well on the path of recovery, you enter a stage where you begin to re-evaluate your old lifestyle. You may begin to question whether the people in your life are supportive of your clean and sober lifestyle, or whether they are negative influences. You may wonder what you need to do to avoid relapse.

While it’s not necessary to do a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, it’s important to look at all aspects of your life such as diet, friends, employment and social activities with a critical eye. Ask yourself, “Are there any people or things that create a situation where I’m tempted to drink/do drugs?” Staying clean is difficult enough without putting yourself in challenging and tempting situations. You have the opportunity now to create a new, more positive lifestyle.

The Importance of Developing Healthy Habits

Once you get into the habit of eating right and exercising regularly, it’ll become easier and easier to do. You’ll be less tempted to revert to old, unproductive habits.

  • Diet and nutrition. While you were drinking or abusing drugs, you likely developed unhealthy habits that resulted in vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. While in alcohol or drug rehab, you probably heard all about the importance of eating properly and how proper nutrition can improve your overall mood and energy levels. Now that you’re living at home, it may be tempting to eat fast food or junk food. While it’s okay to have a treat once in awhile, it helps to plan your meals a week ahead. When grocery shopping, make a list and stick with it. Stock up on whole grains (which don’t give a sugar spike) and plenty of fruits, veggies and lean protein.
  • Exercise. Getting enough physical activity is critical to reducing stress and boosting “feel-good” endorphins. You’ll feel better about yourself and develop more confidence. Finding exercises that you enjoy doing is important, so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. If you’re feeling bored of your workout routine, switch it up and try new activities. Finding a workout buddy or joining a running group may encourage you to keep with it.

Developing a Positive Social Network

Are your old friends still engaging in destructive habits? Avoiding emotional or physical triggers is the key to avoiding a relapse. Remain active in the community and develop new friendships with people who are sober.

Does your workplace bring about negative memories of the past? Are your co-workers a negative influence on your life? Take the steps to seek new employment and better your skills if you’re not satisfied with your old job.

And finally, learning to forgive yourself should you ever relapse is important. Everybody makes mistakes. So long as you persevere, pick yourself up and seek help when needed, you have the ability to live a clean and happier life.

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