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For patients of Beachway Outpatient or aftercare programs, you may be referred to stay in a sober living environment that is often minutes away from the Beachway Therapy Center in Boynton Beach, in a quiet neigborhood.

Our sober living environments are comfortable, home-like atmospheres designed to help you start re-integrating back to day-to-day normal life with ongoing support. An on-site manager is on hand to manage evening curfews and provide guidance and support as needed. When you are assigned to Beachway’s sober living home, you’re held accountable for your actions, are responsible for chores together with your housemates and are expected to undergo regular drug and alcohol tests.

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Benefits of the Beachway Structured Sober Living

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Our dedicated team of therapists and counselors are here to help you readjust to life in a home-like environment where the main goals are relapse prevention and brushing up on life skills. Patients receive access to numerous workshops and benefits including:

  • Gym membership to develop healthy habits.
  • Group sessions between one to three times a week.
  • Individual sessions as needed.
  • Workshops on improving your employability with a focus on resumes and interview skills.
  • Workshops on successfully reintegrating back into society.
  • Assistance planning your path to continuing or post-secondary education.
  • Assistance creating a personalized timeline and goals to obtain employment.
  • Family counseling sessions.
  • Beachway sober living environments typically have only a few people residing at one time, and workshop sizes are kept small to ensure everyone receives
  • personalized attention.

The Take Flight Life Skills Program

The Resource Center at Beachway is an invaluable component of aftercare focusing on providing you with all the skills needed to transition successfully back to an independent and productive life. Our numerous workshops help develop your personal confidence and provide you with the assistance and skills to:

  • Be equipped to go back to work.
  • Look into continuing education options.
  • Manage the logistics of practical everyday matters such as finding affordable housing, opening bank accounts, budgeting and creating meal plans.
  • Fill out legal documents to get a driver’s license or social security card.

Support Groups

Long term addiction recovery

Participating in a support group provides you with the opportunity to express yourself and share your personal experiences with others in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

A support group is an outlet where you’ll find emotional support from others and where you’ll have the opportunity to provide support as well.

Seeking the fellowship of others who have similar experiences is an important part of the healing process and is an effective means of relapse prevention.

Sober Support Program

Beachway offers a Sober Support System for all new and existing clients to be paired with a member of our sober local community. Comparable to a ‘sponsor,’ a support is a person you can lean on in times of need as you make the transition back to your daily life.

The benefits of a support are priceless; your support provides you with companionship, emotional support and helps you find a place within a community of recovering addicts.

Your local support helps you live a healthier and happier life free of drugs or alcohol.

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