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get spice addiction treatmentTime passes, technology advances and new discoveries are made in many branches of knowledge that open up new possibilities and new opportunities. This applies to everything, both good and bad, from the way we communicate to the way we work to, unfortunately, the ways people use—and become addicted to—narcotic substances.

Throughout the history of drug use and abuse, there have been many developments, trends, and even fashions in the world of drug culture. Marijuana was, for many years, the dominant drug of choice. Then heroin took the stage, then psychedelics and other artificial substances came to the fore, and cocaine moved into the spotlight.

Today, marijuana is once again a major element of drug abuse, but it’s not always the natural variety of marijuana from the past. There’s a variant on marijuana, a synthetic cannabis and it’s even worse than its predecessor is. But even though it’s artificial, synthetic cannabis, also known as spice, addiction is very real and the need for spice addiction treatment is necessary.

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What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

While synthetic marijuana is the common description for it, this new substance has many innocuous nicknames to hide its true nature, like “K2,” inspired by the technical name of the second highest mountain in the world, or the popular name Spice, because of the variety of plant matter that it can consist of.

Spice, despite the description “synthetic marijuana” is not actually marijuana, nor is it an artificial version of it. Marijuana as a natural narcotic derived from the cannabis plant. Spice, on the other hand, is composed entirely of synthetic chemicals which are then sprayed on herbs or other plant matter, which is then meant to be smoked or “vaped” using an electronic cigarette or similar device. Marijuana, while having strong narcotic effects, is not strongly physically addictive, in the sense that the body does not develop an actual dependency on the drug. Spice addiction, however, is very real, which is why there is a real need for spice addiction treatment today.

Where Does Spice Come From?

Spice went into significant circulation in 2004, originally in the United Kingdom. It was initially quite popular because it was completely legal, sold and marketed as a combination of “marijuana light” and an incense that you could burn to scent your room.

Because it wasn’t actually marijuana, but mimicked the effects of that more traditional narcotic, it quickly gained a reputation as the safe, legal alternative to marijuana consumption. It even had the added bonus of not being detectable in traditional urine testing that regularly gave away marijuana users, so the appeal is clear. A legal drug that’s like marijuana, but safe to use, and doesn’t trigger drug tests? This seemed too good to be true.Unfortunately, that was exactly the case.

Over the years, more information has come to light about what Spice is, and what its effects are. Unfortunately, a complete picture has yet to emerge, because the drug is so new that testing and research is being conducted even today. It is becoming clear that many of the early claims made about Spice are a lie. It is not safe, it is not marijuana, and, at least in the United States, it is no longer legal. But it is still being used, and it needs serious spice addiction treatment and education to fight what is a potentially dangerous drug with far too many unknowns compared to other drugs in use.

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The Truth About Synthetic Marijuana, Spice and K2

In the past, when Spice was still being sold commercially, the packaging listed a variety of alternative natural herbs and other substances that were purportedly the active ingredients of the drug. In reality, Spice was actually examined under strict, professional, chemical analysis; it was found that the typical characteristics that would have appeared in lab results if it were made with the claimed ingredients were absent.

In other words, the ingredient list on Spice packaging when it was still sold commercially was a lie. Because of this, it has physically addictive properties on a magnitude that natural marijuana doesn’t possess.

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The formula for the creation of the first version of Spice, once discovered, resulted in a two-year ban on sales of the substance by the US government in 2013. However, because there is no formal regulation of this substance and its manufacturing in the same way that there is for alcohol, tobacco, and other substances, the ingredients can—and have—been changed many times.

This is an attempt to circumvent the American ban by selling new versions of Spice that technically do not follow the original banned recipe, and aren’t currently illegal. However, because of this same unregulated nature, these new formulations don’t require rigorous testing to confirm safety, and results of using these variants can be very harmful, even lethal.

There Is Hope for Spice Addiction Treatment

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Spice addiction treatment, although relatively recent, is already being used with great success. Because of the wide variety of side-effects thanks to the different ingredients, and the unpredictable physical damage of long term use, a professional spice addiction treatment program is one of the safest ways to overcome the negative effects of this drug.

Unlike traditional marijuana, withdrawal from Spice addiction can have very severe effects, similar to more serious drugs like heroin, including nausea, tremors, and even heart attacks. A professional spice addiction treatment program can closely monitor an addict during the critical detoxification process, and provide the necessary aid and support in the event the withdrawal symptoms escalate.

After the detox period is over, spice addiction treatment then moves over to intensive therapy and counseling. This is an important phase for giving a recovering addict the psychological and emotional tools required to avoid relapse. They will also develop new coping strategies for life’s pressures and challenges that don’t involve seeking escape in Spice.

Make Rehab a Reality

Spice is a new and dangerous addition to the world of drugs that is currently in a state of flux. It’s banned by the government but still manages to find its way into legal sales and distribution channels thanks to an incredibly dangerous practice of experimenting with new ingredients without proper testing.

If you or someone you know has lost control of their lives to Spice or K2, maybe now is the time to get the K2 addiction treatment you need, and take your life back. Beachway Therapy Center has the information and treatment you need, so call today at 877-284-0353 to speak with one of our addiction experts.


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