America has seen a sharp rise in the number of drugs prescribed to people, as much as 400%, with anti-depressants leading the way. Sadly, this has also seen a rise in deaths related to prescription drug overdose, particularly painkillers. While men have seen a 200% rise in painkiller-related overdose, women have gone up an alarming 400%. The reasons for these overdose deaths are simple; people take too much of a drug when they become addicted, and they need to increase their dosage to create the same feeling they had the first time.

This “plateau” effect is common to all drugs, and it simply means that as a body adjusts to the presence of a drug in the system, it develops a tolerance to that drug, becoming more resistant to its effects. In order to overcome this, some users will simply take more and more of a drug to achieve the same effect they once experienced far more easily in much smaller amounts.

Soma is one drug where this occurs, and because of the unique nature of this particular drug, Soma addiction treatment centers are here to help people that become addicted.

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What Is Soma?

Soma is a painkiller that is designed with a very specific purpose. Where most painkillers are designed to treat a wide variety of different discomforts, Soma, or Carisoprodol as it is medically known, is most useful as a muscle relaxant that blocks pain sensations for musculoskeletal conditions. It is frequently prescribed for people that have sustained muscular injuries, especially those that involve sprains or muscle spasms, as the muscle relaxant component of Soma greatly assists in physiotherapy efforts by helping with these symptoms.

Soma is not an opioid as many painkillers in use today are and is classified as a muscle relaxant and/or sedative. This does not mean, however, that Soma is not addictive. In many cases, Soma is recommended as a short-term prescription, generally no more than three weeks of continuous use, because it does have addictive qualities.

But perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Soma rehab centers have such a challenge when it comes to Soma addiction treatment is that Soma is, in a sense, a “cocktail drug.”

How Soma Addiction Occurs

Because Lortab is composed of an opioid, the potential for physical addiction is present, just as it is with any other opioid or opiate substance. This means that as the body adjusts to regular intake of Lortab, it comes to depend on the presence of Lortab for continued functioning. In other words, the body develops an actual physical need or craving for Lortab in the same way that it craves food or water.

Soma, because it has such a specific use as a muscle relaxant, is often legally prescribed with other drugs since it can “coexist” with other substances in the system without causing any lethal reactions. Car accident victims, for example, may been prescribed a triple combination of Xanax for anxiety reduction, Vicodin for general painkilling, and Soma to relax the muscles. Unfortunately, because a tolerance can be developed to Soma in as little as three weeks, users who become accustomed to its sedative properties may increase their own dosage, accelerating the speed at which they become addicted to the drug.

When combined with other drugs and substances, including alcohol, Soma abuse treatment is often a complex affair because of this mix of other substances. It’s not unusual to see Soma addiction as merely one addiction amongst a few for other substances. This also makes the diagnosis of Soma abuse symptoms problematic, as other substances may responsible for the symptoms on display.

Rehab for Soma Addiction

Soma rehab centers are prepared to deal with the potentially complicated situation that arises from Soma addiction. Soma does have physically addictive properties, meaning the body will crave it after sustained use. This also means that when an addict stops taking Soma there will be a withdrawal period that can be very uncomfortable. However, this detoxification period is a vital first step in clearing the way to treat Soma addiction successfully.

Once the detox period is complete, a Soma addiction treatment center can offer an intensive, personal and customized recovery process with individual therapy, group support sessions, and a variety of different therapeutic techniques designed to help recovering addicts overcome the psychological addiction they have developed to Soma.

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It is important for people in recovery to learn new ways to think and develop new tools and coping strategies to help them face life’s challenges without resorting to escaping their problems by falling back on old behaviors like taking Soma. Beachway Therapy is an ideal Soma addiction treatment center in Florida for helping people to come to terms with, and overcome this problem. If you’d like to learn more about Soma rehabilitation and treatment, call today at 877-284-0353 to speak with one of our addiction experts.


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