After completing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction it is not always easy to remain sober. Many times people struggling with addiction find it hard to remain sober because they do not have all of the help and support they did while seeking treatment for their addiction. Support groups are a valuable and helpful tool for people who are trying to get sober or remain sober.

What is a support group?

Support groups are a form of group therapy that brings together several people struggling with addiction under the guidance of a trained professional. Support groups provide a way for people struggling with addiction to establish a social network of clean and sober individuals. The most well known support groups are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Typically support groups for drug and alcohol follow the 12 step model for recovery and many provide anonymity for members to provide an open and shame free environment for anyone who wishes to join the support group.

What are the benefits of support groups?

Support groups provide a safe place free of embarrassment and shame to talk openly and honestly about your experiences and struggles. Other benefits of support groups include gaining valuable advice and tips from other group members, coping mechanisms, ideas for sober activities, emotional and moral support, a better understanding of what to expect while staying sober, a sense of strength and control over your addiction, and an escape from the isolation and loneliness that is common for people trying to overcome addiction. Another important aspect of support groups is the aid of other members when you feel as though you may relapse. Relapse is a common problem when in recovery, but it is avoidable when you have a strong support system. Members of the support group can call each other or meet when someone feels like they may relapse and often times with the support of the other members that individual is able to remain strong and not relapse.

Find a support group near you

There are many support groups available to you. In Orlando, Florida there is a wide variety of support groups for people seeking help with addiction and for those in need of a strong support system.