Telehealth at Beachway Therapy Center

At Beachway we strive to provide access to high-quality addiction treatment services to those in need.  We have developed a solution that provides real-time access to licensed therapists from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Our “Virtual Therapy” “Telehealth” and “Telemedicine” options enable you to receive the support you need in a time of crisis. You can:

  • receive one on one professional counseling
  • participate in group counseling
  • continue outpatient aftercare

Access our programming with HIPPA-compliant telehealth software and technology.  We’re here to help, whether you are part of our on-campus inpatient or outpatient programs, or just need a little extra support right now.

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Telehealth and Substance Abuse Treatment

With the capabilities of modern technology and a growing access to broadband internet, people can now receive addiction treatment services via video conferencing.  As healthcare providers work to intervene on addiction and addictive behaviors, this new tool is proving to be invaluable.  By connecting with individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, trained counselors and therapists are able to comunicate with patients where they live.  Typical obstacles to substance abuse treatment, cost and transportation, are no longer an issue.

A Growing Demand to Access

With the supply of qualified mental healthcare providers shrinking and the demand for mental healthcare growing, it’s no surprise that Telehealth is thought of as the future of mental health treatment.  Consider these facts:

  • More than half of U.S. counties have zero psychiatrists, according to a 2016 Health Affairs report.
  • About 111 million people live in “mental health professional shortage” areas, according to the H.H.S. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).
  • In the U.S. nearly 1 in 5 people have some sort of a mental health issue.

As the stigma of getting help for mental health issues lessens, the demand for help is only increasing, especially in areas with already limited access to treatment options.

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