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You’ve heard something about holistic drug rehab, but aren’t quite sure if treatment like this is effective—or what it involves. Will you still go through detox and receive group and individual therapy if you choose a holistic drug rehab program? Is holistic drug rehab proven, and how does this approach compare to a standard drug treatment center that offers the typical addiction recovery programs?

Most people associate the term holistic with alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, biofeedback and nutrition. And, to some extent, this is true because holistic drug rehab centers to complement addiction treatment with activities that range from horseback riding (equine therapy) to art therapy. What’s important to know is, that’s not all that holistic drug treatment offers. These holistic options enhance and provide another layer of care designed to help you establish a healthy lifestyle.

There are plenty of drug rehab centers that do a great job offering traditional addiction recovery programs. What makes holistic drug rehab different is the focus on you, as a whole person.

Holistic rehab does not take away proven treatments and critical therapy, such as group, individual and family-based programs—and mental health counseling to dig to the root of the addiction. You’ll still go through detox. You’ll still go through addiction counseling and be supported with groups, including 12-step programming if you choose. But in addition to all of this, holistic drug rehab rounds out addiction treatment with activities that develop healthy habits, relieve stress, build confidence and spark new, healthy interests.

Curious to know more about how holistic drug rehab works? Let’s dig in.

Holistic Drug Rehab vs. Regular Drug Rehab

While we don’t necessarily refer to drug rehab of any kind as “regular” because every program is different, what you probably want to know is how holistic drug rehab compares to addiction treatment that does not have this mind-body-spirit component. Whether you’ve been into rehab before, and did not experience the success you hoped for—or are looking into drug rehab for the first time—it’s a good idea to understand what recovery options are out there so you can choose a rehab center that will suit your needs.

Holistic Drug Rehab:

This whole-body approach takes into consideration the mental and physical symptoms and illnesses impacted because of addiction. A holistic approach is one that addresses underlying issues that can trigger addictive behaviors—and replaces potentially harmful activities with healthy alternatives. The recovery journey includes wellness strategies and holistic programs that can reduce impulsivity and cravings. Holistic drug therapy acknowledges that recovery is hard work, and you need to treat your body right so it can heal. Massage, meditation, nutrition counseling, neurotherapy, art therapy and equine therapy complement drug treatment.

The bottom line:

Holistic drug rehab does include the steps of detox, inpatient/PHP care and outpatient services. In involves individual, group and family therapy, along with cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy. You’ll get a custom treatment plan that includes holistic therapies to help you recover.

Regular Drug Rehab:

People have different ideas about what drug rehab is, and there are a range of addiction treatment centers across the U.S. that conform to different approaches. Commonly, you’ll find rehab centers that offer detox, followed by an inpatient or PHP program. Outpatient series might be provided once a person is sober and clean—and that can involve regular counseling or group counseling programs at the treatment center. Many centers offer 12-steps or faith-based recovery programs overseen by clinical staff or addiction counselors. But, not all rehab centers provide complementary therapies to ease the pain, stress, frustration and hard work of recovery—and to replace old, damaging behaviors with new, healthy ones.

The bottom line:

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all drug rehab. You will find that addiction treatment centers off different programs for inpatient and outpatient care. But if you are looking for drug rehab that includes a wellness and whole-health component, check into holistic drug therapy.

Am I A Candidate For Holistic Drug Rehab?

While recovery is the ultimate goal of any drug rehab center, the way different addiction treatment centers go about reaching that goal can vary. If you are someone who has struggled with sobriety and wants to find new, healthy habits to replace the old ones, then holistic drug rehab will provide you with wellness-focused activities and healthy outlets. You may discover that you really enjoy horseback riding, walking or art. And, during addiction recovery, you might want the comfort of knowing that there are spa services, massage and nutrition groups to ease your mind, body and spirit—and keep you focused on that goal of sobriety and recovery.

If you’ve tried typical drug rehab and, unfortunately, struggle with addiction today, then it’s worth trying a different approach with holistic drug rehab. The detox, clinical expertise and therapy support is there. The proven programs, including CBT and 12 steps, are there, too. You’ll get the individual and group counseling, and family therapy if you want to include loved ones. These are things you’ll find at many drug rehab centers. But what you’ll also get is another layer of support and therapy that aims to create healthy, long-term behaviors so you can live a full, whole live free of addiction.

Learn More About Holistic Drug Rehab

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