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Our Commitment

Located in Palm Beach County since 2008, Beachway Therapy Center is a nationally recognized provider of substance abuse treatment with a specialty in treating individuals who suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders. By providing evidence-based and innovative holistic therapy, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals empowers our patients to recover in a safe and private environment.

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CALL: 877-284-0353

Our Philosophy

Finding a reputable program to treat a debilitating and fatal condition is not an easy task. Several programs focus on the treatment of alcoholism, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Treatment works 100% of the time if the patient and the family system take 100% of the suggestions. Other reasons why treatment works are attributable to the community, commitment, accountability, identification with others, and meaningful relationships formed throughout the journey. Isolated abstinence tends to be either short-lived or very unsatisfying. One of the many gifts of coming to treatment is the interruption of addiction and finding out that you are not alone. It is a tremendous relief to finally find a place where the truth can be told and people understand. Beachway Therapy Center is a place of healing, and its clinical staff is “truth-tellers.” People shift by taking time to discover who they really are and taking ownership for the destruction and havoc addiction created in their lives and the lives of others. Committing to treatment and changing an unhealthy way of living is not an easy task.

Often, patients want to leave treatment citing many reasons and excuses as to why treatment won’t work for them AND we understand that this is normal behavior for someone who is in pain and cannot manage their emotions in a healthy way. The most common phrase we hear is, “I know what I need to do”. This statement is consistently challenged as we understand that addicted individuals have trouble distinguishing the true from the false and need support and education around the issues that are hindering their growth.

We believe that long term treatment is necessary to give the patient and the family system an opportunity to create a life worth living. Long term treatment focuses on underlying issues, maladaptive patterns, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that drive addiction and compulsive behaviors. Through proper assessment, screening, and conceptualization of each case, the clinical and medical team can effectively treat and educate the patient and the family system.

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Our Approach

At Beachway, we believe that successful treatment must address underlying and sometimes fundamental causes of addiction.  We often find that active addiction is the result of individuals self-medicating in an attempt to gain relief from past trauma, depression, or anxiety.

In seeking professional guidance for an addiction, it is vital to choose a reputable addiction treatment facility that will provide treatment for particular issues.  Here are a few of the benefits of Beachway’s program:

  • Individualized Treatment Plans are focused on a person’s unique circumstances and background.
  • Holistic Program that will expose a person to a variety of experiences and modalities.
  • Trauma-focused groups are conducted in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment plans that can help address underlying causes of addiction.
  • A Comprehensive Treatment Plan that will take into account long-term support and assistance.
  • Alumni and post-discharge support services.

Our Care

At Beachway, we recognize the complex nature of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.  Our clinical team is committed to providing counseling services in a setting that emphasizes mutual support and respect. Although substance abuse recovery can be a challenging journey, we are committed to fostering an environment that is healthy, productive, and supportive.

We believe that lasting recovery must include happy and healthy connections with others; that’s why we also make sure to include space for activities beyond clinical intervention:

  • Wellness-centered activities (yoga, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy)
  • Recreational Activity (deep-sea fishing, kayaking, beach outings, etc.)
  • Equine therapy, music, and art therapy.
  • Nutrition and life-skills workshop
  • Alumni support activities

Don’t Take Our Word…

Here is just one of hundreds of testimonies we receive:

“Beachway Therapy Center and its staff were excellent!!! I felt welcomed and relieved from the moment I arrived. I spent three short months at Beachway. I completed all three phases at Beachway. After six months on my own, I am still sober, happy and moving forward with my life.”

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