Overview of Treatments Provided at Beachway

Treating addiction requires a multi-faceted approach—a customized program that includes proven therapies, delivered by experts in the field who have successfully implemented the treatments across a broad population of people struggling with substance abuse. At Beachway, we offer a continuum of care and provide customized treatment plans that meet individuals’ clinical and medical needs. Treatments are designed to get to the root cause of addiction, address co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, and deal with trauma.

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Professional Supervision, Compassionate Care. Our licensed therapists specialize in the treatments they deliver, so patients receive therapy from experienced counselors with a medical and clinical background in treating addiction.

Cutting-Edge Addiction Treatment. We provide the latest therapies for treating addiction and co-occurring disorders, partnering with experts who bring their clinical skills and technology to Beachway. Treatments range from Neurotherapy to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and trauma-focused therapy. Ask us about our patients’ and families’ results with these new addiction treatment approaches.


Beachway customizes a treatment plan based on the needs of our clients who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction.

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CBT is a type of talk therapy where individuals gain clarity on how they see the world and how they behave in the world. CBT is proven for dealing with mental health concerns, including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, relationship issues, and addiction. CBT is a 12- to 16-week structured program at Beachway, where patients set concrete goals and measure progress.

This research-driven therapy teaches specific eye movement strategies that reset how a person processes distributing throughs and other mental drivers that can cause substance abuse and addiction. EMDR has proven to be effective in helping treat addiction and PTSD.

REBT treats drug and alcohol dependency by reversing negative, irrational thoughts and emotions that lead to addictive behaviors. REBT is based on research that conditioned habits can be unlearned, including using drugs and alcohol.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) empowers a person suffering from addiction or substance abuse to accept recovery and control his or her life. Based on the premise that a person’s desire to recover will ultimately determine how effective addiction treatment is, MI exercises and a collaborative process put individuals in the power seat of determining what behaviors they need to change to stick with the plan.

With Solution-Focused Therapy, also referred to as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), a person facing addiction learns to focus on what he or she can do, which leads to finding solutions and making positive changes more quickly than typical therapies that are based on pathology and past life events.

Neurotherapy uses real-time displays of brain activity (EEG) to teach the brain to self-regulate. Maintaining certain brainwave patterns can control mood states and behaviors, including those leading to substance abuse and addiction. Neurotherapy activates the brain areas that need feedback to produce “normal” and healthy brainwave patterns. The treatment begins with brain-mapping to identify where the brain is misfiring and causing vulnerability to addiction, followed by tailored Neurotherapy techniques to reset the brain.

Tailored Addiction Treatment, Proven Therapies

There’s no one-size-fits-all program to treat addiction and substance abuse. Effective, long-term recovery demands a comprehensive, customized approach that addresses an individual’s vulnerabilities, mental health concerns, and triggers. Beachway meets clients where they are, matches them with a professional counselor, and creates an addiction treatment plan that incorporates the latest proven therapies in the addiction treatment field.

Let’s talk. Your call is completely confidential, and a live person who understands what dealing with addiction is like will answer the phone. We can help you with insurance and answer all of your questions about our treatments. Contact us at 877-284-0353, or fill out this simple form, and we’ll get in touch with you.