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Step 1:
Call Us

It’s as simple as calling us at 877-284-0353. Alternately, you may fill out a quick online form to request a call back at a convenient time. This phone call typically takes between 5 to 10 minutes. Our helpful and knowledgeable admissions staff will discuss your or a loved one’s addiction history such as type(s) of substances used, length of time, etc. We’ll also ask about your medical history such as whether there is a history of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, etc.

Whether utilizing insurance benefits or paying “out-of-pocket,” arrangements will need to be made before the date of admission. If utilizing insurance, our admissions counselors will verify a subscriber’s benefits and any costs that will be the patient’s responsibility. The cost of a treatment stay will depend on several factors, mostly determined by the level of care and length of stay. For a more in-depth understanding of treatment costs, we recommend that patients speak with an admissions coordinator.

Step 3:
Arrange Travel

To ease the transition from home to our addiction treatment center, our team can help with travel arrangements to bring the patient to us, whether it’s via flight, bus or another means of transportation. We’ll ensure the travel is seamless and smooth. Our team will pick up patients at the airport and provide a ride to our beachside facility. We aim to work as quickly as possible. Many patients can expect to arrive within 24 hours of the completed initial admission assessment.

Step 4:
Arrival and Welcome

Once the patient has arrived at Beachway, our team will greet and welcome them. Our team will show the patient around the facility and get him or her settled into a room to design a specific treatment plan and begin treatment.