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At Beachway Therapy Center, addiction recovery means different things to different people. Personalized substance abuse treatment plans combine with comprehensive support to ensure each individual’s unique needs dictate the care provided.

What to Expect During Treatment: Life During Addiction Recovery

The daily schedule at Beachway varies, as people have their own treatment plans. Patients are given options to choose from various groups or “tracks,” such as “faith-based track,” or they can opt to attend 12-step meetings. Some patients, if appropriate, can join a trauma program at Beachway.

Some programs or resources are tailored to certain demographics. There are programs designed specifically for young adults, but Beachway doesn’t provide treatment for people under 18 years old. Likewise, Beachway will work with patients to match them with a therapist we feel best suits their needs. Sometimes, gender preference is a factor. We offer gender-specific groups for some patients.

Overall, Beachway helps patients take control of their treatment as medical professionals and provides treatment in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Detoxing and Withdrawal Timelines

The detox and withdrawal timeline varies but usually takes less than a week. At Beachway, detox begins with an evaluation, during which trained medical providers evaluate an individual’s addiction to determine the best withdrawal management plan. This may include medications when needed, as well as a medically supervised detox protocol if necessary. The goal is to help a patient achieve sobriety and wean off the drug while managing uncomfortable or potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Methods of Care

Beachway implements evidence-based addiction treatment and therapeutic modalities to emphasize individualized treatment plans and holistic healing approaches. They also may include a comprehensive treatment plan and dual diagnosis treatment plans or trauma-focused groups if necessary. Additionally, alumni receive access to supportive activities to reinforce and empower those who've completed Beachway’s addiction recovery program to maintain their sobriety.

Daily Schedule

Daily activities emphasize the therapeutic modalities and supportive services offered at Beachway. Alongside therapeutic treatment plans, patients often engage in wellness-centered activities such as yoga, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Music, art, and equine therapies, alongside nutrition and life-skills workshops, help address other underlying issues influencing addiction.


Signs That Someone Needs Help Recovering From Addiction

Addiction doesn’t present the same way in every person it affects. In some cases, people function in their day-to-day lives, holding jobs and maintaining relationships while still showing a dependency on a substance. Generally, signs of addiction can include:

    • Having intense urges to use the substance regularly, sometimes several times per day
    • Spending money on the substance, even when it’s unaffordable
    • Engaging in risky activities while using the substance
    • Failing to stop use of the substance
    • Building a tolerance to the substance and requiring more to get the same desired effect
    • Having problems at work or school
    • Showing changes in behavior that impact a person’s relationship with friends and family

Treating the addiction is just the first step toward breaking it. Support is necessary afterward to maintain sobriety. This can come from several sources, from loved ones to professionals invested in the individual’s recovery and well-being.

Common Substances That Result in Addiction

Many substances can result in an addiction. Each poses unique challenges and considerations during the rehabilitative process, from requiring medical supervision during detox to the types of withdrawal symptoms likely to present. At Beachway, support is available for the most common substances that result in addiction, including:


Costs and Insurance

Just as no two addictions are the same, neither are the costs for individual patients. They can vary based on insurance coverage, financial assistance programs, and the extent of services required.

As complicated as the financial side can be, Beachway employs insurance specialists to assist in navigating potential resources to reduce costs. They are well-versed in insurance coverage and may be able to assist with payment options.

It may also be possible to redirect money that previously funded substance abuse to cover some of the cost of treatment. Ultimately, recovery from addiction and the benefits sobriety brings are worth their weight in gold.


How Can Addiction Recovery Benefit Your Life?

Addiction doesn’t have to control a person’s life. Recovery brings many benefits to an individual’s life, from the improved physical and mental health associated with sobriety to more personal growth opportunities. Finances often improve after recovery, and relationships with friends, family, and the community become healthier. The future becomes brighter without substances in it.


Receive Addiction Recovery Treatment at Beachway

At Beachway, no one has to face addiction alone. Alongside trained professionals, people struggling with addiction can achieve recovery in a supportive environment where they learn the tools needed to succeed.