Florida Rehab Center for Drug and Alcohol
Addiction Treatment

a calming and safe environment to focus on mental health and recovery

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Florida Rehab Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

a calming and safe environment to focus on mental health and recovery

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“Beachway’s really changed my life completely. I have a new outlook on life as a whole.”


“My journey to recovery and my struggles with addiction were not easy but my life is much easier now that I’m in recovery.”

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About Beachway

Since 2008, Beachway Therapy Center has been committed to helping patients overcome alcoholism and addiction through outstanding and highly individualized care. We are a nationally recognized provider of substance abuse treatment and specialize in treating patients suffering from co-occurring mental health disorders. By providing our patients with evidence-based and innovative holistic therapy, our dedicated team of experts empowers each individual to overcome his or her own battle with addiction or mental health.

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Meet The Beachway Staff

Upon beginning the recovery journey, it’s important that those struggling with addiction feel supported from day one. From therapists to nurses to counselors, all of our staff are dedicated to patients’ healing.

Our team of drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers leads the industry in experience and education. Our staff provides the highest quality of patient-centered care.  We are proud to be licensed by Florida’s Agency of Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and Joint Commission Accredited.

At Beachway, patients never confront substance use disorder alone. Our team is committed to helping every patient heal from the disease of addiction and to be their support along their journeys to recovery.

Dr. Duy Nguyen, D.O.

Medical Director

Carrie Carlton, LCSW

Clinical Director

Heather Baker-Carr, LMHC

Program Director

Jennifer Milstein, RN

Director of Nursing

William Shlifer, LCSW

Trauma Therapist

Personalized Holistic Care in a Private and Intimate Setting

Our West Palm Beach campus offers a beautifully calm and safe environment where patients are able to fully focus on their mental health recovery. We create fully customized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of the individual, combining traditional therapeutic modalities with a holistic wellness approach. Each patient is also matched with their own therapy team for additional support throughout their treatment.

We believe successful treatment must address the underlying causes of addiction. We offer a full continuum of care including medical detox and inpatient programs, as well as outpatient services and aftercare to ensure effective long-term treatment. Our unique dual diagnosis program helps to identify and treat mental health issues that could often hinder progress, such as depression and anxiety disorders. A comprehensive trauma/PTSD recovery program is also available with our trauma-certified therapist to help patients move past challenging obstacles.

The journey to recovery can be extremely challenging, but it shouldn’t have to be conquered alone. We believe lasting recovery must also include happy and healthy connections with others and are committed to creating an environment that emphasizes mutual support and respect. For this reason, we make sure to provide our patients with additional fun and healthy activities outside of clinical intervention, such as yoga, kayaking, music, and art therapy, alumni support, and more.

Evidence-Based Treatment

We treat drug and alcohol addiction at the root cause to help clients find sustainable, lasting recovery. At Beachway, we offer a range of long-term treatment plans and therapy approaches to address the different causes of addiction and substance abuse. Our clinical and medical teams are devoted to providing each patient with the fully individualized care and evidence-based treatment they require to overcome their own personal struggles.

At Beachway, we provide thorough and methodical treatment to shed old, detrimental habits and develop new, productive ones.  We offer longer-term programs from 60 days to one year.

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Treatment Options

Retreat and Recover at Our Inpatient Florida Facility

Beachway Therapy Center is located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, and is a FARR Certified Residence. Our inpatient campus features modern living accommodations and high-end amenities to help establish a calm and safe environment free of the worries and distractions of daily life. With expert individualized care and progressive treatment methods, our patients are empowered to focus on strengthening their mental health and achieving long-term addiction recovery.


At our West Palm Beach campus, patients have access to a full continuum of care programs, including trauma-focused groups, dual diagnosis treatment plans, and more. Patients are also able to enjoy wellness-centered recreational activities such as yoga, physical therapy, kayaking, and nutrition and life-skills workshops. 

Beachway Therapy Center is proudly accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by both the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Agency for Healthcare Services.

Individualized Recovery Plans

Long-term recovery starts with treating each patient as more than a number. Our therapists work with a patient one-on-one to create effective, personalized treatment plans.

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Music, art, equine, and psychodrama therapy
  • Holistic and 12-Step Programs
  • Optional faith-based drug and alcohol programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders
  • Therapy workshops for families

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