Treatment at Beachway

Beachway Therapy Center provides high-quality and innovative care to address various mental health issues.  We offer a path towards healing through a multi-disciplinary team approach, including combining evidence-based therapeutic interventions with medication management.

Mental health issues can disrupt people’s lives in many ways that impair their ability to function in major life areas, including work and relationships. Those that struggle with mental health issues often withdraw from their community. Beachway Therapy Center’s holistic approach treats the whole person by healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Beachway works with adults struggling with mental health to examine all aspects of the individual – psychological, spiritual, social, and biological.  We strive to fully understand each person’s unique challenges and facilitate healing through a multi-disciplinarian approach.   Our medical and clinical team are involved in all levels of your care, from intake to discharge.

Beachway also remains committed to recognizing the impact of mental health on the family system. The Beachway program fully engages families in the healing process through education and therapeutic support. The goal is to repair relationships and create healthy lifestyle choices

Mental Health Issues that we Treat:

Beachway Therapy Center is  licensed, by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), to provide mental health treatment services in the state of Florida.

Becoming AHCA licensed requires a comprehensive inspection process, of both facility and operations, with regular renewals and ongoing inspections.  With this newly added license to our program, Beachway can admit and treat individuals that suffer from primary mental health disorders.