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Conveniently Located 20 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport close to downtown West Palm Beach.

Beachway offers a healing oasis for clients to retreat and recover from Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder issues. Our team of clinical professionals are renowned for their successful approach to Trauma and Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Our luxury campus offers and on-site detox and private suites for inpatient treatment services.


1700 N Dixie Hwy,

West Palm Beach, FL 33407


Florida Treatment Center Since 2008

Although there are many choices when choosing a treatment program, making an informed decision can be difficult. Admitting you or a loved one has a mental health issue can be difficult, but beginning to research a treatment solution is the first step toward recovery. When researching to find the right facility, it is important to choose an established and reputable Treatment Center.

At Beachway Therapy Center, we pride ourselves on being a premier mental health and substance use disorder treatment provider. We offer our clients expert clinical care with a holistic approach to treatment. Our beautiful West Palm Beach facility is the ideal location to begin a recovery journey. Our clients can heal and renew in comfort with modern amenities, state-of-the-art medical care, and upscale accommodations.

Drug and alcohol abuse can often result from other mental health issues. For someone that struggles with a mental illness that may be contributing to substance use, getting help from a center with co-occurring disorder experience is vital.


Private rooms available upon request.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment & Trauma Therapy

Dual Diagnosis is when a patient experiences a mental illness and a substance use disorder simultaneously. Beachway has a dedicated team of clinical professionals trained to identify and treat the following mental health disorders:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Personality disorder
  • Eating disorder
  • Trauma/PTSD

A Holistic Approach Has Proven Success

At Beachway, we use a holistic approach. After the initial detox phase of recovery, we do not use narcotics; patients must abstain from drugs and alcohol completely.

After an initial stabilization period, we work with clients to develop individual treatment plans. Treatment plans include multiple group sessions per week, multiple private therapy sessions per week, activities, and holistic wellness services. We understand that focusing on recovery is tough work, so we promote healthy and fun activities and alternative therapies to make the process easier for our clients. We offer activities such as equine therapy, beach and pool time, art therapy, music therapy, and fitness, and yoga to make your stay more pleasant.

We believe in showing all of our patients what enjoying life can look like free of drugs or alcohol. Our facility offers an on-site pool and gym, available to all our patients.


Family Therapy

When a loved one struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, they often do not realize its impact on their family. Many issues can arise from living with an individual that struggles with addiction. Problems such as difficulty accepting help, survivor’s guilt, the need to self-medicate, and other pressing issues can occur. The family of the addicted individuals may require attention from specialists as well.

We offer a full family recovery program where you can learn about the recovery process your loved one is going through. Here you can get help for issues that addiction may have caused at home. Our therapists will go through all the points necessary to integrate a loved one back into the real world once their inpatient treatment is over.


Make the Right Decision

While deciding to enter rehab can be difficult, it is essential to remember that the decision is coming from a place of healing. Whether entering rehab yourself or sending a loved one, being open to the idea of recovery is what will make all the difference in one’s journey to recovery.

At Beachway, we provide affordable and effective treatment for drug addiction and alcohol abuse.


High-Quality Care at an Affordable Cost

Many people think that the cost of rehab in West Palm Beach may be prohibitive. Beachway Therapy Center strives to offer affordable programs for many different types of budgets. Our services far exceed standard requirements dictated by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Still, our prices are upfront and reasonable.

We accept all major out-of-network insurance plans and offer discounted admissions fees when possible. We believe that recovery should be an option for all people, no matter their circumstances.


West Palm Beach Residents, Get Started with Beachway Today

Once inpatient treatment has ended, we work with patients to get them back on track in the real world. We want to make sure that the risk of relapse is minimal. Often, this means implementing an individual Phase Two plan for aftercare.

Some ways Beachway helps with aftercare includes:

  • An intensive Relapse Prevention program includes weekly group and private sessions and family counseling, with transportation to therapy sessions.
  • Structured sober living includes implementing a curfew, access to a gym, and drug and alcohol testing, where the patient is held accountable for their actions.
  • Advanced life skills instruction, such as interview skills, resume skills, assistance with continuing education, and a structured schedule to seek employment.

Once a patient has left Beachway, follow-ups occur regularly and often.