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Aftercare Program

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rehab aftercare programYour substance abuse treatment doesn’t end once you’ve completed your detox or rehab program. Ongoing aftercare is a keystone of successful long term recovery. The aftercare stage is long-term and focuses on developing the skills and strategies needed to re-enter normal life with minimal assistance while abstaining from alcohol and drugs. There is no defined timeline for aftercare; it may last months or even years depending on your individual needs.

All patients at Beachway receive transportation to and from therapy sessions as needed. At Beachway Therapy Center, we offer two stages of comprehensive and customized aftercare support once your initial rehab inpatient program is successfully completed.

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Aftercare Phase 1: Intensive Relapse Prevention Program

Following the completion of your initial detox or rehab program, your therapist will help you decide whether you can return home, or live in a sober living environment near Beachway for a period of time. Together with you, your therapist will design a customized plan to ensure you stay free of drugs and alcohol.

Phase 1 Structure and Goals

The primary goals of Phase 1 aftercare include:

  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol
  • Improve employability by attending resume workshops and interview skills coaching.
  • Receive assistance with ongoing education.
  • Develop a structured schedule to obtain employment.


  • One individual therapy session per week
  • Three per week group therapy sessions
  • Family counseling

Return Home

If you can return home following your initial treatment, your dedicated recovery manager will maintain monthly contact with you to offer continuing support, guidance, and address any questions or concerns.

Sober Living

If you’re referred to a sober living facility, you’ll stay at a comfortable home living environment minutes from Beachway. Here you’ll have an onsite manager for any assistance and for ensuring evening curfews are met. You are held accountable for your actions and may undergo periodic alcohol and drug testing. Here you’ll receive membership to a gym while developing healthy daily living habits.

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Aftercare Phase 2: Intensive Therapy and Education Program

You’ve made it to the final step of re-entry to a healthier and independent life. By this point, you’ve overcome many obstacles and have successfully abstained from drugs and alcohol for a period of time, developed healthy living habits and worked on re-entry to the workforce, or continuing education. We also offer an addiction alumni program to help you during aftercare.

The main goals of Phase 2 aftercare include:

  • Develop and strengthen personal strategies to avoid relapse.
  • Develop a personalized plan on how you’ll navigate your life at home with friends and family.


  • One group therapy session per week
  • One individual session per week
  • Family counseling

What You’ll Learn in Aftercare

Columbus ohio rehab and aftercare

The main purpose of aftercare is to prevent a relapse. During the aftercare stage, you’ll learn about addressing any related mental health issues and develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress without turning to drugs or alcohol.

  • Identify personal triggers that may lead to substance abuse. These triggers may be environmental, psychological or social.
  • Learn and develop healthy ways to cope with daily stress.
  • Develop resilience. One minor slip doesn’t have to turn into a major relapse. Fostering the skills to pick yourself up and keep going when minor slips occur is vital to long-term success.

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