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3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine If You Have a Drug Problem

Many people would argue that taking drugs at all constitutes a problem, but for those who are truly addicted, there always comes a time when casual use crosses the line into full-blown substance use disorder. If you’re not sure about how to classify your own drug use, here are three questions to ask yourself that will help.

1 – Have I Changed?

If you fear that you have a substance abuse problem, the best place to start is with your own habits and personality. Do you see a change in yourself? Problem drug use can lead to disruptions in sleep such as chronic insomnia or over-sleeping. Do you need drugs to keep you awake or help you sleep? Are you dependent on drugs to get through a night?

Serious drug use can also change your personality. Is your mood more erratic than it used to be? This can include wild swings from depression to euphoria or even a shorter temper and being quick to anger. Personality changes can also include being more sexually promiscuous than is safe; does that sound familiar?

2 – What Have I Lost?

Since you’ve started using drugs, have you lost interest in the world around you if it doesn’t include your next high? This can take the form of personal grooming falling by the wayside, or even something as simple as giving up on hobbies you used to love. Have you stopped taking care of yourself?

Something very common in addiction is pushing away those around you offering help, maybe because you don’t think they are right. Are you avoiding conversations about your drug use with friends and family? Have you started to push them away or avoid them altogether? Often, others can see first what we can’t. If you’ve pushed loved ones away for expressing concern, this can be a sign that there is something you don’t want to admit.

3 – How Often Do I Use?

A sure sign that you are misusing drugs is if you finish a prescription before the allotted time because you are taking a higher dose than recommended. If you’re going back for more too soon, that is a red flag.

Do you feel nauseous when you haven’t had drugs for a day? Do you get the shakes and nightmares when you aren’t using? These are withdrawal symptoms that can show your body has become physically dependent on the drugs.

Do you use every day? Can you function normally without the drugs? Maybe you think you can. Try to think to yourself of the last time you went a day completely clean. If you can’t remember when that was, it is time to enter drug rehab treatment.

There is no shame in admitting you have a drug problem. In fact, it shows bravery and that you are willing, to be honest with yourself and take control of the situation. If you feel like your drug use has gotten out of hand and you need help, contact or call Beachway Therapy Center at 877-887-1758 today.