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Characteristics of a High Quality Drug Rehab Center

Recognizing there is a drug addiction problem that requires professional help is never an easy admission for anyone. It is, however, the first and very crucial step towards recovery. Choosing the right drug treatment facility is also a critically important piece of the puzzle; it can be the difference between success and failure.

Figuring out which one will be best can be challenging, no matter if you’re looking for yourself or a loved one. There are innumerable facilities in the US, each claiming its own unique qualities and advantages. It can make the process of choosing a rehab center a very frustrating experience.

So, with that in mind, I set out to list some of the attributes that are, in my estimation, among the most important in high-quality drug rehabilitation centers.

Excellent Credentials

Accreditation from a recognized independent body such as the Joint Commission is an excellent way of verifying that a center meets the industry’s highest standards. Its staff members should be trained, and licensed experts within their respective fields and the treatment methodologies and therapies should be industry-recognized methods with excellent success rates. Most reputable centers will include the credentials and experience of their staff on their website. (You can see the information about Beachway Therapy Center’s staff here.)

It’s also a good idea to look for positive reviews and testimonials from current and former patients to get a more personal perspective. You can learn more about Beachway Therapy Center by reading testimonials on Consumer Affairs submitted by previous patients by clicking the logo below.

Individually Tailored Care

The treatment of drug addiction is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every patient is different and comes with his or her own set of sensibilities, issues, and beliefs. This is why personal attention is a critical component to success. While successful therapy can and should encompass various programs, including group and family therapy, 12 step meetings, education resources, psychiatric care, and more, individual therapy sessions are where the greatest strides can occur. Many centers will only offer one individual therapy session per week. It is preferable to find a therapy center that offers two individual sessions per week.

During your initial telephone conversations with the admissions staff, ask if they work onsite at the rehab center or part of a placement service. This may be a good indicator of the kind of personalized attention you might expect.

A Peaceful And Pleasant Environment

Drug rehab and therapy can be physically demanding, emotionally strenuous, and stressful. A treatment center that provides an environment that can help alleviate that stress is more likely to be conducive to recovery. When patients feel at ease and comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to cope better with the recovery process.

For this reason, facilities that offer a comfortable and pleasant environment that helps patients feel at home by including such amenities as luxury spa services, comfortable and modern living quarters in a beautiful setting are preferable to those that have a more clinical or institutional feel. It is far better for the patients if the drug rehab center they choose more closely resembles a luxury resort than a hospital or jail.

Some patients benefit by choosing a rehab center located away from their home to distance themselves from some of the triggers and temptations of their familiar surroundings.

By choosing a high-quality rehab center that provides luxury amenities in a comfortable and pristine environment; and one that is staffed by licensed and qualified professionals delivering treatments with a proven history of success, you will be that much closer to a successful recovery.

Contact the team at Beachway Therapy Center today or call 877-672-3967 to learn more about our treatment services. Our staff would be happy to explain why choosing Beachway for your rehab is a great choice.