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Using Affirmations to Support Addiction Recovery

Positive Statements to Aid in the Recovery Journey

Recovering from addiction can be difficult, and many people going through it may suffer from self-doubt and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Although an addiction treatment program with a personalized treatment plan can be a critical part of recovery, finding ways to encourage yourself while you’re recovering from addiction is also important.


5 Positive Affirmations for Addicts

Positive affirmations help to build resolve and the proper mentality to ensure recovery. Below, we’ll offer a few common positive affirmations that are helpful in addiction recovery.

I Deserve Sobriety

Recovering from addiction is difficult, and feelings of self-worth are vital to success. Many addicts can feel that because they’ve suffered from addiction in the past and have made other mistakes, they don’t deserve to recover. Simply reminding yourself that you deserve sobriety and the better life it will lead to can be a potent positive affirmation.

I am Proud of Myself

Pride is closely related to self-worth, and a healthy sense of pride can be critical to succeeding in your recovery. Reminding yourself that you’ve already taken important steps on the path to drug addiction recovery is a great way to bolster that pride. It’s also a valuable general mental health affirmation. Reminding yourself of other aspects of your life — professional, personal, or otherwise — that you’re proud of can help give you the mental strength to start or continue your addiction recovery.

I Have the Power to Change my Story

Your future is in your hands, and you’re not going to let anything stop that. Factors outside of your control may have contributed to your addiction problem, which can lead to a sense of powerlessness. This positive affirmation helps to remind you that, no matter what gets in your way, there will always be steps you can take to continue on your recovery path.

I Can Handle Anything That Comes My Way

Recovering from drug addiction and substance abuse is difficult, so preparing yourself for the challenges you may face can be helpful. Whether it’s recurrent cravings or a personal or familial crisis that tempts you to relapse, simply establishing a mindset of expectation and resiliency can help you deal with whatever crops up.

I Love and Accept Myself

Practicing forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness, can offer vital benefits to your recovery journey. After all, it’s not guaranteed to be easy, and beating yourself up when you make mistakes or relapse can often make it even harder to get back on track. Reminding yourself that you are still loved and accepted, no matter what happens or what flaws you feel you have, is incredibly important positive affirmation for recovery.


Affirmations in Mental Health and Drug Addiction Recovery

Affirmations can play an important role in mental health and drug addiction recovery, especially if you’ve been given a dual diagnosis. For those suffering from a co-occurring disorder like anxiety or depression, an understanding of your full and unique situation can be vital for ensuring a complete recovery.

At Beachway, our treatment plans take this unique situation into account, offering holistic care aimed at the body, mind, and spirit, while also emphasizing specific care paths for individual mental health issues. Our rehabilitation services are offered in a luxurious, relaxing, healing environment, and include residential treatment and aftercare drug rehab.


Learn More About Recovering From Addiction at Beachway

At Beachway Therapy Center, we offer services designed to walk you through the rehabilitation process, while providing aftercare services that guarantee a successful recovery, from making sure you’re able to discover new interests during your recovery, to preventing relapses.

If you’re interested in learning more about Beachway’s addiction recovery services, contact us today.