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How to Choose the Right Residential Drug Rehab Facility in Florida

Researching Options

It’s probably time. After searching “residential drug rehab center” and coming up with many results, where to start? How to know if the addiction treatment program will work? What makes one residential drug rehab facility better than another? How to make the right choice?

Choosing to research treatment options for oneself or a loved one is a huge first step. Sorting through the options to identify the right program is the next step. The good news is, while there are many options in the state of Florida, you can narrow down treatment centers by asking these questions:


Residential Drug Rehab or Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient rehab is designed to help you reshape behaviors—drop old habits and learn new, healthy ones that you can keep for life. Residential rehab can be short-term, lasting up to 30 days, or long-term rehab and last at least 90 days and up to one year. The length of your stay at a residential mental health treatment facility depends on how long you’ve been suffering as well as several other factors, including your history of using drugs and alcohol. Those who had tried treatment before and did not have success might opt for a longer-term residential program. It’s a choice made between you and an experienced counselor at a facility who can advise you based on your needs and goals.

With outpatient rehab, you stay in your home environment and attend therapy daily. You still commit to recovery and work through a rigorous, holistic program to establish healthy new habits. However, you may continue working, caring for your family, going to school, etc. That said, many people have to take a break from these activities (using FMLA is an option) to focus on recovery.

The question is: Can you recover while staying in your current environment? Will you focus on addiction treatment and become well if you are still surrounded by the people and scenarios that prompted you to misuse substances? This question is a personal. Some people can answer yes—and others recognize that residential drug and alcohol treatment will allow them to escape from a toxic environment and recover in a safe, healthy place where they can press the reset button on life.


What Happens at Residential Rehab?

No two people have the same experience because addiction treatment adapts to each individual’s addiction, behaviors, and underlying mental health concerns. While at residential rehab, a therapist team becomes an extension of your family. They walk with you through detox, rehabilitation, and transition back to everyday life. Here’s what else happens:

    • A mix of individual and group therapy
    • Family therapy and recovery groups
    • Addiction education to understand what’s happening with the mind and body
    • Relapse prevention to secure new, positive behaviors
    • Optional 12-step meetings and faith-based rehab
    • Holistic therapies including art, music, drama, yoga, and meditation to complement traditional therapies

What to Look For In a Florida Residential Rehab Facility

As you consider residential rehab programs in Florida, determine if the facility you’re considering includes these important services:

>>Customized Addiction Treatment. Rehab should not be a cookie-cutter program. Every person brings different experiences, backgrounds, and underlying issues that contribute to addiction. Be sure the rehab center you choose offers customized treatment based on your needs. That starts with matching you with a therapist dedicated to your recovery. It also means offering a variety of therapies, such as one-on-one counseling and group therapy, family and recovery groups, optional 12-step or faith-based recovery, and holistic therapies that support addiction treatment.

>>Holistic Therapy. Holistic therapies treat you as an entire person, addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Therapies involving art, music, yoga, meditation, and nutrition counselling work because they give you positive outlets. These are activities you can adopt for life. We believe holistic treatment is a critical part of successful recovery from exercise to beach walks and spa services.

>>Privacy and Comfort. We think it’s a good idea to understand where you’ll be living and what amenities you’ll have access to while recovering in residential rehab. Recovery can be all-consuming—your body and brain work harder than before to reprogram, reset, and develop new healthy habits. From detox to daily therapy, it is hard work. You want a comfortable place to stay where you can heal—a place that offers some privacy with a sense of security you gain surrounding yourself with support.

We also think you should treat yourself, so find out if the Florida residential rehab center has access to leisure activities so you can learn to enjoy life again. Is there beach access? Is there a fitness facility on-site? Can I customize meals or attend a yoga class? Will I have a private room?

Remember, residential rehab is not lock-down. It’s a supportive place where you can heal without distraction.

You’re Making the Right Choice by Getting Help Now
If you’re considering residential rehab in Florida, give us a call any time and ask us anything. A real person at our facility will answer the phone—and your conversation is 100% confidential. Whether you choose to come to Beachway, we want to ensure you get the help you need. We’re here for you. Contact us at 877.859.2243, or fill out this simple form, and we’ll get in touch with you.