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What are Some Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

Whether it sees it in yourself or a loved one, noticing the signs of alcohol addiction can be tricky. The line between drinking socially and having a drinking problem can be blurred sometimes, but several early warning signs and factors can contribute to addiction.

Feeling Ashamed

If you try to hide or cover up the amount of alcohol you consume, you may be on the slippery slope to developing an addiction. Social drinkers do not feel ashamed about consuming alcohol, and hiding it from loved ones can mean a more serious problem is at hand.

Alcohol addiction can stem from a genetic disposition or the need to cover up more serious emotions and feelings. The way a person is raised can also be a factor if alcohol was a factor in a person’s upbringing.

Hiding the amount of alcohol you consume from friends or family, feeling ashamed about the amount you are consuming, or feeling like you need to drink to push away other thoughts are all signs of alcohol dependence.

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Needing Alcohol to Have Fun

When drinking in a social setting, it’s easy to feel carefree and happy. But those feelings are not solely dependent on alcohol consumption. People suffering from alcohol dependency may feel like they need to drink to have a good time.

Fearing that people in social situations may not like them as much if they’re sober or feeling the need to drink to relax and feel at ease is a sign of alcohol dependency. This kind of addiction can lead to strained relationships. Especially if the person in question continues to drink even if they know alcohol is causing relationship problems.

Another warning sign for alcohol addiction is noticing a higher tolerance for alcohol. People who drink often will eventually develop a tolerance and will therefore need more alcohol to feel the same high as they used to.

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Putting Yourself in Danger

Reckless behavior is the most common and dangerous sign of alcohol abuse. Alcohol has an amazing way of blurring your reasoning skills. Drinking while driving, operating machinery, or drinking while looking after children are behaviors a sober person would see as dangerous. When a person is addicted to alcohol, they may not notice or understand the danger.

This type of behavior is especially troubling when others are involved. Some alcoholics may not see that they are putting others in danger with reckless behavior.

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Personal, Professional, and Legal Problems

Alcoholics often begin to fail in their personal and professional lives. Allowing alcohol to affect your work or school life or flat-out neglecting your personal duties can cause many legal and professional problems.

Some of the signs of an alcoholic can be missing out on work commitments, slacking in school, or neglecting family commitments due to being drunk or even hungover.

Run-ins with the law are also extreme but common signs of alcohol abuse. Alcoholics can often be cited for drunk and disorderly conduct and drunk driving.

So whether it’s noticing these traits in yourself or noticing them in a loved one, discovering and admitting to a drinking problem is always the first step in recovery.

At Beachway Therapy Center, our counselors and therapists are experts in recognizing these patterns and have the knowledge and experience to guide you or your loved ones through the alcohol rehab treatment process and provide the best recovery possible.

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