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The Link Between Depression and Addiction


The relationship between depression and addiction can be a vicious cycle. This is because people with depression are more likely to abuse substances to self-medicate, while in turn substance abuse increases a person’s risk of

The Link Between Depression and Addiction2022-08-11T11:10:46-04:00

Is Addiction a Mental Health Issue?


Is Addiction a Mental Illness?   Is addiction a mental health issue? The answer is “yes.” Addiction can even make a person more likely to develop other mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Is Addiction a Mental Health Issue?2022-08-03T12:34:03-04:00

Self Medicating Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder sufferers are more likely to self-medicate and choose substance abuse, and when this occurs a dual diagnosis is likely. To recover from their addiction, the person will typically need effective treatment for both

Self Medicating Bipolar Disorder2022-08-03T12:13:28-04:00

Link Between Narcissism And Addiction


Dual Diagnosis: The Link Between Narcissism and Addiction A narcissist is a person who struggles with an inflated or heightened sense of self. Someone who is considered to have narcissistic tendencies will often possess an

Link Between Narcissism And Addiction2022-06-01T12:53:49-04:00

Trauma Track Treatment at Beachway


Identifying Trauma Trauma or adverse life (or childhood) experiences can look like overt and/or covert methods – sometimes without the individual fully comprehending what has happened to them – but that they know

Trauma Track Treatment at Beachway2022-08-30T13:04:08-04:00