The roots of alcohol or drug addiction run deep in the psyche and often the causes for the addiction can be attributed to undiagnosed mental health issues that our family and friends are experiencing. At Beachway Therapy Center, we specialize in diagnosing problems that lead to addiction, and we customize holistic treatments to put our patients in a position to succeed by beating their addiction and going on to live a healthy sober life.

Types of Treatments

To help our clients meet the challenges of recovery, we instituted a number of different therapy programs that are beneficial and work in concert with other programs to help the recovering addict stay clean. We have developed a faith-based treatment program; we use art, music, and equine therapy as a means to help our patients overcome their demons, and we have developed customized plans that incorporate one or all of these therapies to provide all the advantages necessary to achieve the goal of a full and complete recovery.

Three Step Process

  1. The first step on the road to recovery for all of our patients is to re-discover their personal self-esteem. The inpatient program we offer helps our patients overcome any emotional stress they are under. We teach them to identify root causes of their addiction and triggers that may cause destructive behavior; we teach all of our patients how to manage their impulses and how to identify situations that could lead to relapse.
  2. The second step of our program works to provide a healthy, safe and sober environment for our patients to get back on their feet with confidence knowing that they are well prepared to meet the challenges of sobriety everyday.
  3. In the third stage, we focus on getting our patients back into society. We do this through life-skills training that will equip our recovering addicts with all the tools they need to be successful. Also, we reach out to our patient’s support networks to provide group and family therapy sessions that educate our patient’s family and friends what to do when something arises that could cause a relapse.

Are You Suspicious?

If you think a family member or a friend is suffering from the effects of drug or alcohol addiction, contact us right away. We can help with information that will help you determine if a family member or friend needs help and we will be there to provide all the support that is necessary to create a whole recovery program. Call 877-284-0353 today for help.