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When you’re facing mental health and substance abuse issues, you can feel trapped by addiction and its rollercoaster. Recovering from alcohol or drug dependence is a complex journey that also requires addressing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and other mental health concerns. Standing at the crossroads of mental health and substance issues—this “dual diagnosis”—you are making the choice to break free from the strong pull that is capturing your psychological, physical and overall wellbeing.

You can recover from your mental health illness and addiction. At Beachway, we believe in addressing both issues with multi-modal therapies that are customized for the individual. At our retreat setting, you can escape a toxic environment so you can focus on dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

When mental health issues are pitted as a root cause of addiction and not treated in a dual diagnosis program, individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder can feel trapped by their mental health issue. They want to recover from an addiction, but their mental health disease becomes a justification—and this mindset can bond a person to addiction. Why would you try to get better if your anxiety is just going to drive you back to substances? (That’s the dangerous thinking this narrow-minded treatment approach can instill.) With this mindset, the addiction recovery process can feel like an empty promise.

At Beachway, we challenge that mindset and know from successful treatment that mental health issues can be treated. As one of the top residential dual diagnosis treatment centers with recovery programs ranking in the top 1% of the country, Beachway takes a progressive approach and combines a range of therapies to accommodate each person’s needs. If you’re struggling with mental health issues and addiction, you need a dual diagnosis rehab program that takes into consideration the impact of both and treats the diseases in concert.

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Why Do Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Occur Together?

We know that substance abuse and mental illness are linked to the same root cause. Social, biological and environmental factors cause a break in healthy brain development. For some, a mental health illness may find them seeking drugs or alcohol to find pleasure. For others, an addiction may trigger a mental health issue like depression, and therefore feed a dependence on substances. The addiction fills a gap. By addressing mental health and then substance abuse at Beachway, you can truly break free from the rollercoaster of psychological and physical ups and downs.

Psychiatrists and Doctors are just beginning to understand the impacts that trauma, abuse and other stressful incidences have on the development of the brain according to Medline Plus research.

Alternatively, the abuse of certain substances can also interrupt healthy brain functioning and development and lead to the occurrence of mental health issues. Whether a dual diagnosis program starts with a brain malfunction, or a brain malfunction is caused by drug abuse, the fact is that they often occur together and are best treated together.

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Beachway Therapy Center – A Customized Approach

Beachway’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment center provides a holistic approach to treatment that takes into account the unique situation, inclinations and needs of the individual. There are multiple aspects of a person’s life that lead to a dual diagnosis and are impacted by it, such as trauma, lack of resources and support, oppression, spiritual crisis, and the impact of drugs and medications on the individual as well their family. By looking at the whole person and their unique needs, staff members are able to create an individual program of care that is ethical, competent and effective.
We believe our clients have the right to choose the care that works best for them. Keeping in mind the autonomy and individuality of each person we provide personalized services tailored to their needs and preferences. Our specialized rehab in Florida programs include detoxing, therapy, support groups and aftercare plans. We work extensively with each person to examine their case history and to create a rehabilitation plan that is thorough and considerate of what will best support their full recovery.
One-to-one counseling as well as group counseling is available. One-to-one counseling is an opportunity to work with professionals who are on the cutting edge of the field of dual diagnosis treatment and to receive unconditional support and sound guidance. In group counseling, individuals receive support and understanding from their peers. The group process is an opportunity to recognize the common challenges faced by those struggling with a dual diagnosis and to give and receive non-judgemental support and reflection.

Is Recovery from Mental Health and Addictions Possible?

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There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment program for addiction and mental health. We recognize and appreciate the individuality of what brings each person to Beachway. When dual diagnoses are a concern, the complexity of recovering from two distinct yet overlapping diseases requires attention from a compassionate, committed therapy team and staff that can meet you where you are. You are not the only person going through this now. And when you choose to get help at Beachway, you join alumni who have successfully completed our dual diagnosis addiction treatment and are living in recovery and those working to get there.

You can live free of that toxic pull toward substances—free of the roller-coaster that drags you up, down and headfirst into understandably the most challenging times in life. You can put this behind you and find health, satisfaction in life and purpose. If this sounds impossible today, you are not the first person to feel that way. We get it. But let’s explore why Beachway’s dual diagnosis addiction treatment makes dual recovery a reality.

Expert Therapeutic Care for Dual Diagnosis

The Beachway approach is to coach, teach and guide you toward living a life with meaning and purpose. We focus on true recovery and learning how to live again. This happens through various modalities of addiction and mental health therapy. Every client gets a customized recovery plan because we know that addiction affects everyone differently.

Do you feel isolated and alone? Addiction and mental health issues can leave us in that place, but group therapy sessions can restore a sense of community and provide fellowship. At Beachway, you’re in a place where people understand your struggles. You can walk together toward recovery, guided by an experienced therapist who connects with each individual and with the group a whole.

Recovering from dual diagnoses requires teasing out the complex relationship between the brain and substances, and understanding what’s triggering mental illness and addiction. Heal from traumatic experiences or grief. Recover from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD. Address addiction head-on. Our therapists are carefully matched to each individual so they can build a trusting relationship and guide you toward complete recovery.

Beachway addresses the whole person, and that includes helping families heal together. Family therapy helps mend relationships with relatives and begins fostering a support network so you can recover for life.

Beachway cares for the whole person. We offer equine, music, art and psychodrama therapy, along with optional faith-based drug and alcohol programs. We provide recreational outings such as deep-sea fishing, and trips to the beach, movies and other activities to help you re-establish sober ways to get out and enjoy life. Full spa services allow you to indulge in relaxation and restore the body and mind during your stay here.

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Respecting the Individual—Beachway’s Dual Diagnosis Program in Florida

women drinking tea to relaxAt Beachway, we provide a holistic approach at our lakeside Florida rehab center that is steps away from the beach. You’ll find comfortable accommodations and high-end amenities, a place where you can escape toxic environments and focus on getting better. We look at the whole person. With dual diagnosis, that means uncovering aspects of one’s life that can lead to mental health and substance abuse issues, including: trauma, lack of resources and support, oppression, spiritual crisis, loss of a loved one, and more. We dig deeper to address the impact of drugs, alcohol and medications on you and your family. Every person at Beachway gets a individual program that is ethical, comprehensive and effective.

You have the Right to Choose Your Care

We don’t expect every person to respond to the same therapy, that’s why we create individual programs for every client. We tailor services to your needs and preferences. We limit our facility enrollment so you have complete access to our therapy teams, and we hand-select therapists for every individual. Groups are intimate, yet privacy is respected and provided because of the retreat nature of the Beachway campus and the considerate nature of our staff and clients.

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How Can I Get More Information and Sign Up?

When you are ready to start treatment for dual diagnosis at one of the best addiction treatment centers in Florida call us anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on the best dual diagnosis rehab in Florida, contact us or call 877-284-0353 and speak to someone on our addiction helpline today. You can also read more about our alcohol rehab program here.

Content Written By Elizabeth OssipLCSW, CAP, ICADC

Raising Standards for Rehabilitation

Beachway ranks in the top 1% of addiction treatment facilities in the country. That’s because we’re focused on providing the highest standard of substance abuse treatment. Our commitment to delivering quality and meeting rigorous standards is acknowledged by a Joint Commission independent review.

beachway is A rated with bbb    best rehab in florida with joint commission accreditation    best rehab center on consumer affairs          beachway is a member of the national association of addiction treatment providers


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I have had good friends and loved one's go thru Beachway Therapy. They came out sober and have stayed sober. They help so many people in recovery all over South Florida. They are the one's that are organizing sober activities and taking meetings everywhere. The staff there really care's about their clients and shows them love right away when they walk thru the door. They also keep in touch with their clients when have graduated. I would definitely recommend Beachway Therapy to anyone who needs help with addiction.

Effective treatment from great staff!

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Great place! Great staff! Very open, straightforward and communicative from the very beginning. I had weekly updates the whole time my loved one was in the center. I thank God all the time for us finding Beachway and my friend getting her life back.
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Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

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The integration of:
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